22 November, 2011


WE MOVED TO http://takeoverla.wordpress.com/

WE MOVED TO http://takeoverla.wordpress.com/

WE MOVED TO http://takeoverla.wordpress.com/

WE MOVED TO http://takeoverla.wordpress.com/

WE MOVED TO http://takeoverla.wordpress.com/

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21 November, 2011

Product Review: Chrome Anza

I recently got a Chrome Anza for these harsh winter months in LA. This Jacket rocks. Pair it with a Cobra
and you are good to go. I wore this all last weekend in SF, where it was cold and rainy kept the elements out.
Rocked all day yesterday with a hoodie, during our downpour of the year, here in LA and was it was perfect.
This jacket looks great on, you feel sleek and smooth, ready to cut through any weather. Works well against the wind
as breaker too. Most the time in LA, I wear this with a t-shirt and I am totally protected against the elements.

This is my only issue with the Anza. The snap button on the back pocket. If you are carrying a heavy load on your
bag it tends to dig that button right into your back. Chrome could be solve this by making it velcro. Otherwise, this
has become my main top layer winter riding jacket. Perfect.

Swoop the Anza

PS. You might be wondering what that LDG frame is... Stay Tuned for the New New

Video Round Up X

Leader Team edit from faz adhili on Vimeo.

Back on Blogger means videos are back over here.

Mission Workshop: Waxed Canvas Rummy

You can't go wrong with Waxed Canvas. Looks amazing and gets better with age. Mission Wokshop
just dropped theses jems.

Constructed from American-made 10 oz. waxed canvas, this limited-edition version of our Rummy
messenger bag gets better with age. The weatherproof canvas will show unique wear patterns that
reflect the trials of your daily routine.

The Rummy features a roll top compartment along with two quick-access cargo pockets, four internal
zippered pockets, custom aluminum hardware and a detachable cross-chest stabilizer.

Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.

CranksGiving LA 2011: Recap

Cranksgving was this past Saturday in LA. 50 racers came out to support the longest running Alleycat in LA.
Two Manifests were needed to completed before you could hand off your food to the kids at Para de Ninos.
Myself and my lady Melanie did not finish due to technical difficulties. Congrats to Animal for coming in first!

1st Place - Animal
2nd Place - Ash
3rd Place - Haulass
1st Place - (women) - Martha
2nd Place (women) - Bebe
DFL - Lil Ceez
Bonus Points - Big Jungle

PS. You can it all agian this week at the 4th annual VCR Thanksgiving Alleycat

17 November, 2011

A Few Changes Around Here

If you haven't noticed, TOLA! has gone through a change again. Joe has left TakeoverLA. I wish him the best,
but like all good things, his time has come to an end here. Which left the .com up in the air. While that gets
sorted out, I will continue to run the blog here from good old blogspot. The site will be back in all of it's glory
shortly. I ask that you bare with me and continue to support TOLA! We have a lot of big things coming up 2012,
larger races, more worldwide coverage of events and of course bringing you the best Los Angeles and the rest
of the USA has to to offer in this amazing sport/ lifestyle we call Cycling.

Here are the notable changes

Twitter: @TakeoverLAblog

Email: TakeoverLAblog@gmail.com
Feel free to send everything you would like to see on the blog here.

FaceBook Page

Help spread the word!

16 November, 2011

15 November, 2011

2011 Bike Expo: Photo Re-cap

What a whirlwind trip. Saw my friends, saw my lady, hungout with the raddest people SF has to offer and came up to SF with two of the best dudes a guy could ask for (we were short a few other amazing LA guys, next trip fellas!). We rode around, had beers, eat food, looked at bikes at the expo and swap. I managed to take some photos, so this is the first round of photos, while I wait for the other ones to come through.

SKYLMT: Skyscraper Bars

Oh snap. SKYLMT has new Skyscraper Risers for sale over at their site.
Get on it, I bet these will be going fast.

Featuring a large box area with relaxed bends, the skyscraper bar is the solution for people
who want to run a taller bar but don’t want a crossbar. Clamping area is knurled for no-slip

-Sean Martin

Mission Workshop: Faroe Hoodie

Look at I heard about this weekend in SF. The Faroe Merino Wool Pullover from MW. Looks great, and the amount of time I will be spending in SF each month from now on, it might be a worthy investment for me...

The Faroe is a semi-fitted pullover that works to bridge the gap between environments. Perfect for both your morning commute and drinks at the bar.

Constructed from a soft and durable Ponti woven New Zealand Merino wool.

Features include: a touring-style rear zippered pocket, extended sleeves to ensure coverage, scalloped cuffs, raw-edge construction, and a semi- fitted hood.

Made in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Swoop on the pre-order here!

-Sean Martin

Kissena Velo Fund: Official Launch!

The Kissena Velo Fund is Live. I'm very proud to have friends like Jason for spear heading a project this big and Billy for his hard work bringing to us media types. It's a huge undertaking and I wish them the best of luck and that they have all support that we here at TOLA! we can give over the span of this project. You can own a part of this Velodrome and help future generations of Cyclists for years to come. Save the Track Bike and the Velodrome!

TOLA: In the Wild

I love going to other cities and running into TOLA in the wild. Here are a couple from this past weekend. We were out there. A lot of fun happened this weekend. Big thanks to all of our SF friends for showing us so much love. I heard SF was coming down for Cranksgiving next weekend...

-Sean Martin

Chrome: Hey, Check Me Out! Video Contest

While I get my posts in order from the epic weekend we all just had in SF, I'm dropping this quickie that Chrome sent over. FGFS Video contest!
Go film, stunt, and tarck your way into some great prizes.

Well, kiddo, here's your chance. Submit a link to your best Fixed Freestyle footage up to 1 minute long for a chance to win a major prize package from Chrome! All submissions must be in by November 23rd. Chrome's own, Ed Wonka, will spend his Thanksgiving weekend reviewing the videos and announce a winner on Monday, November 28th. Prize packages for 1st-3rd places are as follows:

3rd Place:
1 Pair of Riverton Shoes
Krakow Backpack
Chrome T-shirt

2nd Place:
1 Pair of Riverton All-City Shoes
1 Pair of Soutside All-City Shoes
Borris Backpack
Anza Packable Windbreaker
Chrome T-shirt

1st Place:
Chrome Shoes For 1 Year (12 pair)
Yalta Rolltop Backpack
Cobra Zip Hoodie
Chrome & GRIME T-shirts

-Sean Martin

10 November, 2011

2011 SF Bike Expo

We are heading to the bay for the SF Bike Expo this weekend. Super pumped to see all of our friends and family in the Bay Area. Plus, we'll covering/ attending the Bike Expo for the first time ever! Super stoked, just gotta get through today and away we go. There's a lot going on this weekend in SF, surrounding the expo, so here are links and flyers to some of the highlights. Look for us, cause we will be out there!

2011 SF Bike Expo
SF Bike Expo FB Event page
SF Bike Expo Official After Party: EXPO'sed
Ladies Jump Jam @ the SF Bike Expo

09 November, 2011

Mission Workshop: New Gobi Beanie & FB Contest

MW is hosting a FB contest to win one their new Gobi beanies. The Gobi is a winter-weight merino wool beanie, perfect for those winter months that are starting to hit us. I might swoop one of these this weekend in SF!!

Details on how to win one:
To win one, post your best over-stuffed Vandal or Rambler backpack pic on the Mission Workshop Facebook Wall and the top five posts with the most "Likes" will win a beanie. We'll pick the winners on Monday Nov. 14.
Now don't think this can be just any old photo, we're thinking something like a tree's worth of over-ripe bananas or hundreds of Barbie heads. Get creative, show us and the rest of the MW fans something we haven't seen before.
If you don't have a Mission Workshop bag, you can still pick up a Gobi. Enter the promo code UNICORN at checkout and get one FREE when you order any bag. We only set aside 25 for this promo so don't miss out.

Swoop the beanie here.

-Sean Martin

Yamaguchi FGFS Frames!?!

I saw this over at Prolly's jam and had to share. Yamaguchi FGFS Frames, holy shit. Prolly has the story, and Nut butter dropped the photos and are selling the frames, head over to both to check out the goods.

PS. These frames retail for about $4k...

-Sean Martin

Massan X Pez: Snakes in the Grass

Toyko! Go see this show our friends Massan and Pez have up. Then go bomb hills!


Then go check the photo spread on Massan over at FFC from this past summer. Great photos!

Rider Profile: Congo

What can be said about this dude? He shreds thats it. On a Bmx, tarck or track bike, he simply shreds. Enjoy his answers as much as I did.


What do you ride?
A fixie duuuu! My trick bike is a LDG hammer frame with all resist/demo components and for a fast bike its the LDG aero. It's really good for leg over skids and bar humping skeeeez!

How long have you been riding/ what started you?
I started riding fixies about 3 years ago. Its just a lot easier to get around. I started riding bikes at the wee age of 7.

Do you wear a helmet and why or why not?
I dont really wear a helmet. It just feels better and it kinda gets in the way. I would wear a helmet if I was racing or if I was going to a skate park that required it

Favorite Shop? Why?
Long beach City Grounds. The crew of workers is really good and great prices #youknowwhatsgood

Clip or clipless?
I ride clipless on my track bike. Just feels better and I ride CONGOLIOD Hold Fast strap on my trick bike. Get them!

Ride with headphones/ music?
I do listen to music when Im riding place to place but when I get to a spot I'll take them out

Sponsors or teams/ gangs/ clubs you are a part of?
LDG, Resist Parts, Hold Fast straps, VAGX, Hurley, Mountain Dew, City Grounds (no its not a coffee shop). As far as a group, THE FIXIE FACTORY

Fav. Race?
My first race I did. It was bunny on a stick a few years ago.

Fav. place to ride or route(s) in LBC?
I just love riding all over LB. The skateparks are really good

Fav. person(s) to ride with?
Everyone at the FIXIE FACTORY. Out of town people, Tom L, Steven Jensen and Tyler Johnson

Dope Chill spot?
Dis dik

Why LBC?
Cuzz bitch, we busten atem

What do you do for work?
Lol. Right now riding sweet fixies and stupid lil jobs

What else do you do/ projects/ hobbies?
Riding bmx, working out and disc golf,

Dream Bike?
One that fits me just right. Right now I really want a LOW, or all carbon teschner.

Best/ worst about riding in LBC?
Worst, nigga be mad froggy. Best part, Im froggier

Any LBC secrets/ tips you want to give out?
Depends on what your trying to find.

Shout outs?

Last word?

*Middle photo by Jason Rosete

-Sean Martin

08 November, 2011

Chrome: Night Series 2nd Edition

Chrome just sent this over. Night series Citizen Messenger bag, murdered black by day, with unique night-activated reflective detailing.

Last year we launched our Night Series for people who want to be seen at night without looking like a crash test dummy during the day. Right in time for Day Light Savings, we are happy to announce the arrival of the 2011 Night Series Citizen. A new integrated reflective material that is almost unnoticeable by day but becomes a beacon of reflectivitey at night when hit by any light source. Made in Chico, California. Guaranteed For Life.


-Sean Martin

Chubby Boob x Sand One

Sand one teamed with the Nerd Crew to create this mural in East LA. That's right our Team has our own mural, I'm pretty stoked for it. Enjoy this edit we made talking to Sand One about the piece and what it is like to be a female writer. Stay tuned for more lifestyle edits from CBNC.

Laek House: : Squad-Dark Tee

I always mean to post about the Laek House T-shirts and hats, but they always seem to slip through my fingers or I forget to post about them. Great looking images of amazing bike parts make for awesome t-shirts.

Swoop your Squad-Dark tee here, and be sure to check out all the other designs!

-Sean Martin

Velocity: Back in the USA!

Big news today, Velocity is ceasing production of their rims in Brisbane, Australia and coming home to the states to begin production in Jacksonville, Florida starting Feb. 2012. Velocity will be the only U.S. produced aluminum rim in the cycling industry. Pretty cool.


Read More here.

-Sean Martin

07 November, 2011

GSC x Velo Cult Swap Meet: Recap

We had a van full of some of SF's finest come down this weekend for the GSC x Velo Cult Swap meet. We had bottomless mimosa's to pre-game before the swap meet. So what follows is photo story of the Swap Meet. Enjoy.

Affinity Cycles: Original Cranksets & Chainrings

One of my favorite Frame companies Affinity just released their new Original Cranksets & Chainrings. I need to swoop on these and really make my Lo-pro killer looking.

Details from the homies:
Affinity presents our newest offering into our line up of original products. We are proud to introduce our fully cnc machined custom crank set and chain ring. Our goal was to go beyond choosing the same re branded crank set and take an original approach and creating a high end crank set at an affordable price. The process took a while, a few minor design changes, some tweeks and refinements, then the testing. You may have seen the cranks leaked out here and there, it takes a while to make something from scratch, but we’re proud to say that these new beauties are in stock!


Ideum: $5 Dollar Sale

Great sale going on over at Ideum. All items are Five dollars and 5 for Twenty! This is for all tees and hoodies!!! Crazy deal. Get on it.

Swoop here

04 November, 2011

Chrome: Four Points T-shirt and FTC25 Giveaway

Chrome sent over some really awesome things yesterday. First up, The Four points T-shirts. A continuation of their Artist Series Tees, each shirt uses the artwork of one local artist to capture the feel of their hometown (LA, NYC, SF, Chicago) in this limited edition, exclusive only to Chrome collection. Matt Lingo shot the Los Angeles tee and it's a good one. I might have to cop at least one of these. Which one do you think I'm gonna get?

Details on the Tees:
Our Four Point City Tees are part of a tribute collection to four major cities, their respective communities of riders and the relationship we all share between bike and asphalt. Each city is represented through the eyes and lens of influential photographers from within the cycling community.

Swoop yours here and be sure to checkout the rest.

Next up Chrome x FTC25 is giving away some goods. Go to this link to sign up for a chance to win an FTC/WBASE Track Bike, FTC25 Yalta Rolltop Backpack, FTC skate deck, Chrome Footwear, and T-shirts from both brands. Goddamn that is some heat. Get on it.

In celebration of FTC's 25th Anniversary and the launch of the FTC25 Yalta Rolltop Backpack, FTC and Chrome have come together on this monumental giveaway.

I want it all!!!

Golden Saddle Cyclery: Swap Meet This Saturday

GSC is hosting a swapmeet with Velo Cult this Saturday at the shop. It's gonna be amazing. Bring cash and you will walk away with some goods for sure. Hope the "Be Safe" T-shirts will be in stock, get one of these before they are all snapped up.

03 November, 2011

Chrome x FTC

Fyxation: Loop Bar Tape: In Stock/ Photo Contest

Fyxation just sent this over. Their new Loop Bar tape is in stock and ready to be used! On top of that, Fyxation is running a photo contest, where you can win free bar tape go along with the release.

Contest details:
Send a picture of your current tape/grips to info@fyxation.com. We’ll pick the three nastiest looking set ups and replace them with a shiny new set of Loop cloth or foam tape. Winners will be announced on November 8th and will be posted on our site and on our Facebook page.

Swoop the tape here.

Nick Hand: Conversations on the Coast

While checking out new T-shirts and Jerseys over at Miltag, I came across this jem. Nick Hand, Conversations on the Coast. Nick has written a book about the encounters/ interviews with locals he came across he had while cycling the British and Irish coastlines. A different take on the normal cycling journal. The links lead me to a great interview with Nick about the book and the journey behind it. You can read that interview here. Be sure to check out Nick's website here.

Swoop the book here!

Full Frame Collective: John Ivers

Kyle Emery took some amazing shots of John Ivers shredding the gnarliset transition spots in SF over at Full Frame Collective. This one of China Banks is my favorite. It's hard enough to hit that tranny on a skateboard, I can't imagine on a BMX. Speed is key to that one. Go check out the rest here.

I like this one too. Toboggannnnnnnn!

02 November, 2011

Outlier: Liberated Wool Peacoat

Outlier is steady dropping great winter time clothes. Liberated Wool Peacoat is one of those. I am digging the grey color and wish I had a holiday trip going on this year, so I could justify buying it (LA all winter baby). Very stylish, and a great looking jacket. I'm jelly of you northern folks this year.

A classic wool peacoat reengineered for a life of freedom. We've always loved vintage navy peacoats, there is nothing better for walking around town on a cold wet winter morning. Problem is, the traditional fabric is so constrictive you can barely reach a subway straphanger in one, let alone get comfortable riding your bike. The Liberated Wool Peacoat keeps the classic peacoat aesthetics but uses an innovative cut and a 2.5 layer wool softshell fabric to create a cool weather jacket fit for motion and comfort.

The Liberated Wool fabric has a beautiful yarn-dyed wool outer face and soft fleece interior. Holding them together is a water and wind resistant polyurethane bond. The result is a warm fabric with the sharp looks of quality wool, the soft flexibility of fleece and the breathable weather resistance that only the Swiss can architect.

Made in NYC using yarn dyed Swiss fabric and custom Corozo buttons. High buttoned collar and merino/nylon inner cuffs for warmth. Perfectly pitched three piece sleeve and modulated back pleat for superior arm movement. Dolomite Blazed Cotton seam binding tape. Cut true to size.

Tree Fort: Thanks Guys!

Our friends at Tree Fort sent us a care package yesterday. Some stickers, T-shirt and a Pint glass. They are right, the tee will make a perfect "Suns out Guns out" Tee. It's nice to have people in your industry recognizing what you are doing and the hard work that Joe and I have been putting into this site for the last two years (big thanks to Zezo too), but it wouldn't be nothing without you guys reading it daily. Thank you to our readers and followers. Be on the look for some contests Joe and I are working on for you guys, cause you deserve some goods as well!

Rider Profile: Tim Mcgee

Intro By Beaver Beavs

When I met this kid years ago on the polo courts, he was a young little smiley grom. Tim killed it at polo and now he's grown up a little to step up to the velodrome. He was already pretty quick but riding with the Predator Cycling team as well as the is making him faster and faster. Within a year of racing on the velodrome, Tim has already upgraded to CAT2 on track and CAT3 on the road and now he's training with the fastest dudes in the country on Team USA. But as he moves up in the racing world, Tim's still just as down-to-earth as ever. He's still shootin' around on the polo courts and If you ever meet him, you'd feel like you've known this kid for years. One of the best dudes around and he's always down for a big smile and a good laugh.

Tim Mcgee

What do you ride?
Bike Polo: Black on black Surly 1x1 with a gold chain.
Track: Look 464
Road: Predator Cycling Carbon Road Bike
Mtn: Foes Pro Lite XC and Transition Bottlerocket

How long have you been riding/ what started you?
Since a child but 4 years ago 818 Bike Polo started it all for me.

Do you wear a helmet and why or why not?
Yes I do! My mom wouldn't let me out of the house without it and I've had 3 concussions in 10 days.

Favorite Shop? Why?
H&S Bicycles because it's family and I work there.
Predator Cycling because they're my team and I can check on my peanut looking power test.

Clip or clipless?
Clipped for racing but when it comes down to putting people in the boards in Bike Polo I'm clip-less and strapped.

Ride with headphones/ music?
Sometimes I do and currently Jay-Z and Kanye are playing all day.

Sponsors or teams/ gangs/ clubs you are a part of?
818 Bike Polo, Predator Cycling, H&S Bicycles, and Chain Gang T.O.

Fav. Race?
The Keirin at Elite Track Nationals and the Predator Keirin Classic.

Fav. place to ride or route(s) in LA?
HDC Velodrome, Encino Velodrome, and the Valley with Bicykillers.

Fav. person(s) to ride with?
My little big brother.

Dope Chill spot?
Wednesday Nights 7pm-10pm Encino Velodrome.

Why LA?
I moved here from Hawaii in middle school for a better education.

What do you do for work?
I work at a Bookstore and H&S Bicycles in Burbank, CA.

What else do you do/ projects/ hobbies?
Illustration/Graphic Design, film photography, silk screen printing.

Dream Bike?
The bike that I'll ride to a World cup.

Best/ worst about riding in LA?
The best is riding anywhere with friends and the worst is the air in LA.

Any LA secrets/ tips you want to give out?
Don't sleep on rollers. Literally.

Shout outs?
Class 69 of Encino Velodrome Wednesday night.

Last word?
Check out my website www.everythingeaten.com

-Tim McGee

01 November, 2011

O20 Halloween Alleycat: Recap

This past Sunday, there was a Halloween Alleycat hosted by our lil homie Robert. His first time throwing a race and he killed it. Good job my dude, I'm proud of you. 35 racers showed up to run six checkpoints in and around the Silverlake/ Los Feliz Echo park neighborhoods. It had one of the most gnarly shoe starts I have ever seen in years, to start the racers off. With tasks ranging from doughnut eating, beanbag tossing, jumping jacks, and digging around in rotten pumpkins for toys and bobbing for apples to finish the race at the finish line (saw at least two people lose places because of not being able to swoop them apples fast enough). Tony Z pulled out the win on his road bike and Hern pulled a close 2nd overall (1st fixed), and Peanut grabbing 3rd overall (2nd fixed). It than lead into a block party which was super fun (lots of friends), until my back started killing me, so I left earlier then normal for me. Congrats to all of those involved and big ups to Robert for a successful event!


Robert holding court. We taught him well.

The overall winner, Tony Z, getting that Yung Apple FTW.

2nd overall/ 1st fixed Jason, oops I mean Hern!!!