23 November, 2010


Last year I posted about DAN WITZ and a show he had in LA at the Carmichael gallery. He's back with a new Street Art Project for 2010: WHAT THE %$#@? I love his Projects. it's the fact that they are subtle and bold at the same time. AWESOME Jux.

JR in Shanghai


MacaFrama Whips

Maggieds, I really like the Black...

Jason Yim's

Via Jason

Thanks to Beaver for pointing this out to me.

Craft: Zero Extreme Concept Base Layer

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post saying I was going to Alaska, to go Snow MTB, over the Christmas Holiday. My friends over at Craft, read that and sent these two pieces to me. Zero Extreme Concept. Base layers. The key to staying warm is base layers. Start with a base and work your way out. I can't wait to play in the snow! I should be warm and cozy in the frozen north.

Chrome: MotorHead's Messenger Bag

Speaking of Chrome, they got a new Colab out. Motorhead x Chrome = Heavy Metal Holiday. This drops 11/26/10, Black Friday.

Get it here.

Bunny Hops for Breast Cancer

Bunny Hops for Breast Cancer from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

This looks like a very fun day.

Elevated Engineering presents Josh Boothby

Elevated Engineering presents Josh Boothby from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.

Boothby fucking shreds. He's super fun to hang with too. Nice edit guys.

Look x Lacoste = Ghost bike?

Early look at the new Ghost bike? from Look x Lacoste Colab. Hopefully there will be some changes before it drops spring 2011. Like color. I do like the way the frame looks, and want to know more. Loving the rack and the all white brooks. Looks like internal speed hub with a Carbon fiber *belt* drive. Interesting. Was this at interbike? How did I miss this?

Via High Snob


Product Review: Chrome Cobra

About a month ago Chrome sent me The Cobra. As cold as it has gotten lately in LA, I figured it's a good time to review this hoodie, so ya'll will pick it up and be snugly warm. Since getting it, it has not left my bag. It has kept me warm in SF two weekends ago and the last few weeks in Cold LA. 100% Merino wool hoodie, that feels like a dream when wearing it. So comfy, all you really need is a t-shirt underneath and you are good to go. Fits great under a flannel, if the temperature really drops below 45. Perfect to ride in, cut like a jersey so it goes over your back side and doesn't ride up, exposing anything to the elements. Read on to get the finer points on one of the best hoodies I own.

BFF SF: Trick Jam: Steven Jensen

Seattle killing it in SF.

Great Photo by John.

Check more out here.