20 October, 2010

Murder of Couriers!!!

Perfect for a rainy day.

Chrome: Cobra

I got home yesterday, from my Tattoo appointment, and this was waiting for me at my door. Cobra! So stoked on it. It was perfect weather today, to try it out. It kept me warm, didn't get me wet, and dried so fast. Perfect for light rain or just cold days. I really wished I had this living Seattle. I have only ridden 10 miles in it but I'm in love. If you're looking for something these winter time months, I suggest you swoop. Thanks Chrome, I'm break this thing in for ya'll in a few weeks.

Smooth as Ice

Tyler Johnson for CULTUR from chris clappe on Vimeo.

What a cool cat.

Clean Bottle: Review

When I first got the Clean bottle, I didn't like it. It was hard to drink out of (plastic had no squeeze to it), I thought it was leaking, and I was so afraid of it ejecting from my bottle cage. It's the first bottle, that I had to break in. Now that it is, I love it. It's my go to bottle, when I want to put more then just water in it. Why? Because you can clean it, inside and out with ease. No more residue, from what ever liquids you put in it. So good. Makes it very versatile. As for the hardness of the plastic, I gave it a little bit, and now it's just fine. It never shot out of my bottle cage either. Check out my full pics from the original post.

VAGX Urban Rucksack

When I found out that Stryker LA had the Vagx Rucksack up for sale, I had to check one out. I called Kevin, and went down to his place, to see these for myself. Pretty Impressed. A great bag for those days, when you don't need to carry a bunch of shit. Super light weight, and great lines. Yet another Korean bag, with the side entry for easy access to the main compartment. I really love that feature. I just took some shots of Kevin rocking the bag. I was in a bit of hurry, running off to get Tattooed. When I get my hands on one, I'm gonna go hiking, and let you guys know what's up.