10 June, 2010


Congo from City Grounds on Vimeo.

Nice edit doods....

-Sean Martin

CMWC 2010

CMWC Guatemala from Lucas on Vimeo.

Damn.... This is gonna be fun.

Via Cog

Seen onTracko's Jam

-Sean Martin

Los Angeles Bicycle Portraits

Los Angeles Bicycle Portraits from Zachary Scott on Vimeo.

Homies!!! Nice work Zach! But no love for Eastside? What's up with that?

Just Playing, really fucking cool edit. I love it.

-Sean Martin

Official Chrome Shoe review Part 2

Now it's my turn to add my Two cents on my pair of Chrome shoes I received. Which were the Midway. I had a small issue receiving my shoes, but Jackie over at Chrome went out of her way to make sure I got them. Thanks a lot, Jackie. Chrome has amazing customer service, hands down. Maybe it's the fact they're like us, and understand our language, ya dig?