10 August, 2010

Dead Baby Downhill

Wish I had been there.

Thanks Ryan for sharing.

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: Me/ Velocity

We got Velocity to sponsor. Wait, I got a really good deal on some hoops for you guys thru Velocity. They're sending some water bottles and beer coozies for giveaways. I'm still stoked, and proud to have them along, plus it makes me feel good to throw down, a little cash for something good for ya'll. The two sets of hoops I'm getting are being split between two races, one set for Saturday at the Youngbloods race. Then one set for the Main race of the weekend, both sets are for the young guys. There's a lot of a amazing shit for the winners of Lord, that I thought it would be nice that the first 18 and under to finish gets something dope.

Flwrider "Lactic Acid" T-Shirt

I really like this shirt. Great simple design.

Swoop it at Flwrider ($10, includes shipping)


Untitled from TRAFIK on Vimeo.

My doods....

I guess this doesn't make the movie?