30 June, 2010

Mission Workshop Storefront!

Today I stopped by the @missionworkshop storefront. This place is really cool! Rai, who runs the storefront, let me know that they have only been open about a month and they are still getting it dialed in. It looks pretty good to me guys. Maybe just add a fridge, for beer of course, and this will be my new spot to kick it on Friday<--- HINT!

Oh yeah, as a bonus they are the only spot in San Francisco that sells OUTLIER clothing.

If you are in the SF-Bay area please make sure you go by and swoop their new rolltop jam THE SHED

Mission Workshop
40 Rondel St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 864-7225

MORE PICS HERE------- >>>>


Sports Minister MS Gill inaugurated the Cycling Velodrome at Indira Gandhi indoor stadium in Delhi, ahead of the Common Wealth Games.

Not sure what they are saying but this adds another reason to visit India.

- Joseph Lobato

Marwin the wizard!!!

G Wiz from Marwin Ou on Vimeo.

- Joseph Lobato

San Francisco Takes Bike Theft.. Seriously.

Sting operations using high-tech devices to nab bicycle thieves will be conducted by police in a move to curb the thefts as bicycle commuting increases in The City.
Transponders that allow electronic tracking by police will be hidden on decoy bicycles positioned to be stolen, according to preliminary plans by police and bicycle advocates. The program is expected to begin this summer......


Read more at the San Francisco Examiner

- Joseph Lobato

T-Level Waterproof Test 1

Well, there you have it. That really sucked, but at least the bag is Waterproof.

-Sean Martin

DTLA Summer Series: Race 1

Alright, here we go.... The first race in the five race series has been posted. Come out and race tomorrow.

Here's the Deets, from DTLA's Finest...

Race#1 (Group Criterium)
Road and Fixed Category
The "S" Drop
Course Map

Meet Temple/Dillon
at 6:30pm
Racing will begin at 8:00pm

After each race, announcements and prizes will be held at:
Little Joy's
1477 W. Sunset Blvd.
Echo Park

$2 PBR's all night!

As always...brought to you by:
Downtown's Finest & 13Skids!

Hope to see you all Thursday......Peace,

Right by my house. Fuck yes.

Look here for recaps on each race, on the following day.

-Sean Martin

Fixe' issue four

I love this Magazine.... Mostly because, myself or my homies have been in every issue. Looks like this one is no exception. Stay tuned for issue five... LA is killing it.

Fixe', keep up the good work, homies!!!

-Sean Martin


Short movie - PAPERBOY from David Lucas Vivaldini on Vimeo.

I can't wait for the BFF to hit LA...


-Sean Martin

29 June, 2010

Le Tour: Photographs from the Tour de France

This is gonna be an awesome photo exhibit. Can't wait for this one. Brent Humphreys is amazing... See ya there, July 17th. I'll update as it gets closer...

The Clark | Oshin Gallery
Opening Reception
Saturday July 17th 6-9pm
Runs July 17th-Aug. 31st

Time to step.

Just saw this over at PC. (thanks homie) It's from the Denver Fast Forward event. Damn. I want trophy's for the Lord of Griffith Two!
(August 15th) Any LA Homies good with metal sculpture? Hit me up.

Photo by Tyler Hardie

-Sean Martin


WRAHW Witchtape 2 from WRAHW on Vimeo.

Nice work Homies...

-Sean Martin

For Jusi...

You better get these, “Tiffany” Nike SB Janoski, Anthony... Or else.

Released July 2010


-Sean Martin

28 June, 2010

In case you forgot....


What's wheelie good?

-Sean Martin

Sharrows... Finally.

I forgot to post this last week. I had to take a different route to work on tuesday last week, (running an errand) and choose to take 4th street across the city. 4th st, is kind of the unofficial, official bike blvd, of Los Angeles. It crosses the whole city, no real traffic on it super wide, nice scenery, (trees and cool houses and shit) So I was taken by surprise when I found Sharrows on it. (at least the start of 4th street) While this great for LA and I fully support it, I just wish the Sharrows being put down in the city, at first be put on major streets, DTLA, Hollywood, my commute to the wesside, etc... I don't understand why the first streets to get them are streets that are already known as "the bike blvd" or fountain? Streets that are highly used be cyclists, kind of don't need them. It's awesome that is being done, and want to see the city covered in them...

-Sean Martin

Free Shipping from Chrome

Jump on it!!!

From our homies at Chrome!

-Sean Martin

Fast Forward: Guess who won.....

Wow. What a weekend... Greg, myself and the lil homie Roger, rode out to Encino early Saturday, to take the training class, just before the Fast Forward event. It was alot of fun, and got Greg ready for what was about to happen later that day. I must say this was a really well done event, big thanks to Encino for letting us have it there, huge thanks to Dustin (Cadence) and DVS for putting it on. Good Job homies! Big props to Jack for coming out and smashing on everyone.... I love that you're gonna be holding it down for LA in SF. Props to Woody for getting second, and big ups to everyone else who raced!! What an awesome day, I'm still recovering...

25 June, 2010

Zlog Tanks.

Gotta support the homies... Plus it's summer, and I'm feeling the heat right now.

Get your Zlog tanks here.

Nice werk, fellas. I'm ordering one right meow.

-Sean Martin

Fast Forward: Tomorrow

Finally, it's here. Tomorrow is gonna be awesome. I have plans to ride out Encino early, with some of my doods, take a few turns around the track, go get some lunch, come back and race and kick it. Come out everyone, this is not one to be missed.

Via Candence, See you guys tomorrow!!!

-Sean Martin

PS. Dustin, if you see this Me and Beaver want Cadence 5 panel hats, can you bring us some, we have dollars.... Hahahaha. Seriously though.

24 June, 2010

Ride it like you stole it.

I want this jersey so bad.... It would match my finger Tats, so good......

Via The 5th floor

Not available til July...

-Sean Martin


I love this photo....

From the Homie, Justice via Cogz Wellz

-Sean Martin

23 June, 2010


This guy... Really dope DJ and a up and coming dubstep producer.... Some ill shit for dat ass. I love all of his new dubstep remixes he's put out lately. The best part is he's awesome rider as well. All though I plan on shutting him down this Saturday at Fast Forward: Los Angeles...

Checkout his Soundcloud, it has links to his bio and other websites.

I'll be posting his upcoming shows soon, be sure to go, Coma's not one to miss...

-Sean Martin


Massan for Leader Bikes from Brandon Finks Video/Animation on Vimeo.

Remember all those shorts of Massan? Here's the finished product.

This makes me want to ride more then anything.

Via prolly

-Sean Martin

Union Foundry Roto-fix Tool

Union Foundry T-0001 Roto-Fix Tool from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.

This thing is awesome, and is making the rounds in the blog-o-sphere. I want one. Right Meow.

Via everybody....

-Sean Martin

Had to do it....

So, first I want to apologize to our Twitter fans. Joe, right now and for the last few days has been camped out in front of the Apple store in SF, (go throw things at him for us) third in line for the new iphone. While this is awesome in its own way, what's become annoying is the constant updates on twitter stating this fact. Knock it off! We know your there!!! Hahahahaha. Jk, JK,
Joe, I hope it works out for you, and congrats on getting the job. Maybe now, you won't have to stand in line for money anymore...


Here's the Ustream link do what you will...

-Sean Martin

PS. He's been on all sorts of news and internet outlets. TOLA!!!

22 June, 2010

Chrome Staff Designed Citizens

I like The Anne. Maybe, cause I just built up a Pink BareKnuckle...

Get em here

-Sean Martin

"Is my trip necessary?"

Saw this over at Bike Rumor.

Had to share.

-Sean Martin

21 June, 2010

CADENCE - FAST FORWARD this past weekend.

I want to give a big shout out to Dustin at Cadence and his crew from DVS for setting up a good event at a pretty sweet location. It was right behind the SF Fair next to AT&T Stadium. LA you better hold it down because FERGUS, the cat who won, is a Monster.

Here he is all alone at least 45 seconds ahead of everyone.

Photo from mattress101

photo from austin.!!

Sunday Streets in SF!

Sunday Streets is an Event in SF that shuts down the roads to Cars and motor cycles and opens them up to Cyclists, Pedestrians, Skaters and anyone else that is using HUMAN POWERED Transportation. It is an event that originated in Bogota, Columbia as a day to promote free, health and community oriented events and now 30 years later has made its way around the world. That was this past Sunday. Check their Calendar for the next one in JULY!!! LA time to start one..

Check it out http://sundaystreetssf.com

- Joseph Lobato

Major Taylor: Movie Preview

Bought time.

"The greatest hero America ever forgot," Major Taylor was the first black world champion of any leading sport. He did this 10 years before Jack Johnson was the first black heavyweight champ and 50 years before Jackie Robinson integrated major league baseball

-Sean Martin

Fast Forward: Please race safely this Saturday.

So, this coming Saturday, is this race at Encino. A lot of newbies to the track will be out that day, I strongly suggest you go to the class being held earlier that day, if you have never raced on the track before. It can be very dangerous for you and your fellow racers, if you don't know what the fuck you are doing. There are gonna be all levels of abilites out there on Saturday, and I want everyone to make it through the day safely. Here's a link to a post Joe put up a little while ago, please read. Just be safe out there Saturday, if you're not sure of racing on the track, don't push your luck, just watch and have a good time. I still get nervous racing on the track. It can be scary. However, the whole day will be a blast and fun in the sun, so come out.

-Sean Martin

Official T-Level Infinity Rolltop Backpack Review

Alright, here we go... I recently acquired a T-Level Infinity Rolltop Backpack from my homie Kevin at StrykerLA. Now, not much is known in the states about T-Level bags, so I decided to do a review. When I first saw these on the interwebs, I thought, "damn, what a good looking bag" and really compared it to SAG bags in design. Once I got my hands on one, I realized that's where the comparison stops. There is so much more going on with this bag then SAG could ever come up with.. Enjoy the review...

Burro Bags : Chronic Series

Here's the Deet from our friends at Burro Bags

The latest iteration of our ever-popular foot retention system are ready to hit the streets. Built with a new tubular webbing, these straps are even stronger with a flexible feel, able to take a beating but easier to break in. We've lengthened the top closure and and the tapered straps for added surface area and enhanced velcro holding strength. Available in three brighter, bolder colorways (Black Gold, Orange Kush, and Grape Ape) these straps are online now and coming to retail stores soon.


Get em here.

-Sean Martin

18 June, 2010

Tonight in SF

Joe go to this!!! Please!

The Sharrows Experiment: Mixing Bicycles with Autos

View more news videos at: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/video.

NBC reports on LA's First Sharrows. I know these are important, but putting them on Fountain, Really?? That street is way to small. Put them on Hollywood and other main thoroughfares. Nonetheless its a move in the right direction.



- joseph Lobato

( Please let video Load )

Bike Against oil.

Do it now, Very Quiet like Ninjas! I came across this via @WOLFPACKHUSTLE

- Joseph Lobato

July Events... Busy month... Get ready.

DTLA GPX 20X (The Annual DTLA Grand Prix!) - 5 Crit Series - 1 Crit Each Thursday in July. $5 dollar entry, Winner take all!
I'll update here, every thursday in July with Location of the Crit. (don't get announced until week of)



The reason why I'm posting this early is because, I don't want to hear any excuses on why Ya'll didn't come out. This gives you over two to four weeks advance notice for most of these events. I'll be updating them as each event comes up, but just get your legs ready.... July is gonna be busy as fuck.

Stolen Bike Alert!!!

Mikey Wally's Raw 2010 Mercier Kilo TT, White beat turbo saddle, everything else stock.
Stolen last night on Sunset and Figueroa.
This is the second time Mikey's fixed gear was jacked.
Please keep an eye for it. Hit us here or on our twitter

-Sean Martin

17 June, 2010

This why I race...

So good. Gave me chills... Plus I see myself and my homeboys Hern, Tony Z and Edgar, racing our little hearts out!
Can't wait to see this...

-Sean Martin

I Sidi LA!

About three weeks ago, I finally made the move, I should've done years ago. I guess, I had to get over not riding in sneakers to be able to do it. The only thing is, I have now realized, that my sneaker game is about to blow up, because I won't be afraid to ruin sneakers by riding in them anymore.

I love it. There really is no better way to ride. So much more power, better stopping abilities, and it fucking feels badass as fuck. You feel like man amongst boys. I can't wait til my road bike is finished and I get road shoes for that machine. Oh yea, what kind of setup do I run? Sidi Dominator 5s and Time ATAC MTB pedals (2010 version). Couldn't ask for better setup. If you're into riding track bikes really fast, and you're on the fence about making the switch. Do it. Don't wait as long as I did, (too long) you'll regret it, trust. It changes your whole riding world. Improves everything. Speed, cadence, strength, and climbing, I think the best for me was, I was about to switch my gearing from a 48/17/16 to a 49/16, but because of the new muscles I'm building through better pedals strokes there's no need. (right now at least) Super happy, that I made the switch.

PS. I forgot to add this.... My homie Devon sez... "Going clipless? It's the new aerospoke" So get on it!!!

-Sean Martin

Update: I totally forgot the most important question people have been asking. "how is it skidding?" Magical, you lock it up with ease, just no whip skids, lock it up then drift. Full seated skids going 25+, barely trying to do it...... The best.

Do it for Jack!!!

Game Seven, bitches!

Lets do this!!!

Chubby Boob

-Sean Martin

Nike Sweet Classic Canvas Low “Livestrong”

Damn, I like everything coming out the Nike Livestrong Collection. Rad little accents with the bikes lining the wall of the sole.
Bet, these would great to ride in, and would look good chillin...

Get em a finishline.


-Sean Martin

16 June, 2010

We got what we asked for....

LAPD will be attending next week's Critical Mass. Hope it goes down smoothly.
A bit of advice for everyone going....
1. Don't drink in public
2. No "Safety meetings"
3. Front and rear lights
4. You ride brakeless, put a brake on, or rig something that looks like a brake
5. Under 18, Wear a helmet (you should anyways)
6. Don't run Red lights or Stop signs (unless the normal corking is going on, or LAPD is blocking traffic)
7. Hold one Lane

LAPD is coming out next friday, so show them some respect, but be aware LAPD will be watching for all of this and more.
So don't fuck this up for all of us by being stupid. I think it's a great idea, if it goes well...

You and I know, they will be ticketing for all of these violations. Just be safe, ride with them, show them that we're not
Animals and deserve the same respect everyone else does.


-Sean Martin


Right at the end too... Hold your line, Cavendish...
I just hope they both don't miss the tour because of this crash, or anyone else that was involved.
There was a pretty brutal pile up at the back of crash there...

-Sean Martin

Clink Room Reject’s League Ballot

If you had seen the earlier post, then you would know The Clink Room is doing limited edition Colabs for Hats and T-shirt Designs, based on a League. First was the Taco Shop League, next up is the Reject league.

Here's the deets....

Voting ends on Tuesday night June 22nd. Winners will be announced by the end of next week.

• Download the PDF Ballot (About 23MB) by clicking HERE

• When you’re ready to vote, send your email to TheClinkRoom@PlanBBranding.com

• IMPORTANT: The subject of your email must read “REJECT LEAGUE VOTE” in order for your vote to count.

• If you submitted a design, you get 5 votes. (just email the number(s) of the design(s) you like)

• If you didn’t submit a design you get 3 votes. (just email the number(s) of the design(s) you like)



Clink Room is also a sponsor of this!

-Sean Martin

Furious Sons

The home girl Jen Wolf is Opening/ Curating an Art show!!! Go to it!


Saturday, July 10, 2010 at
6109 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles CA 90038

But before this you go to the Art show be sure to go to this RACE

Then the day after is this amazing ride.

Look here for more details on all three events in the next few weeks... July 10th-11th is gonna be an awesome weekend!

-Sean Martin

Tony Z, Jack and JTR, Congrats!!!

Congrats to Tony Z for winning State Champion in the 40+ Team Sprint!!!
Also a Big Congrats to Jack Linquist for winning, what I heard was State Champion in five different Races, in the 30 and above age group. Goddamn! Oh shit I forgot that John the Roadie, won his divison as well on the road!!! Good job JTR, you gonna be ready to defend your Lord of Griffith title in August?

Nice work to all of you. Damn my friends are fast...

-Sean Martin

15 June, 2010

Lake Show. Game Six. Do or die.

"Let's go Lakers, Lets go!"

-Sean Martin

Zlog crew Reppin!!!

Zloggy Bloggy Doggy from chris clappe on Vimeo.

Nice Edit homies!!! I miss Seattle...

Via Zlog

-Sean Martin

Fyxation June Chrome-O - Week 2 Winner

The homie, Ben over at Fyxation sent us the final winner of June Chrome-O. The photo is ill. Congratulations to Matt over at Slumworm Thanks to Chrome and Fyxation for putting this on! I like how there has been a bunch of contests as of late, good work everybody!!!

-Sean Martin

14 June, 2010

LADOT Bikeways (standards) LA's misplaced Sharrows!

Hey At least LA is Trying.

Via DTWanksta.

- Joseph Lobato

Epic Benefit Concert: Results!

Wow. What a party. First off, Congrats to the Kitchen for throwing such amazing event. Good times with old and new friends.
Still waiting on how much the Kitchen made that night, but to set off Jesse Kretschmer, won the BareKnuckle with a winning bid of $785!!! Congrats dude! I made out pretty well myself, got the Limited edition Chubby Boob, Lakers Tee, a pair of Swrve Knickers, 10 lbs of coffee, and a couple of other t-shirts, FTW! Very be careful played an amazing set, to close the night. Got everybody up dancing, and sweating out the problems of the day, they are amazing. If you're ever in LA, please take the time to go see these guys. A couple of other local bands played, but I was outside having beers and conversations, so I really can't comment of those groups. (sorry dudes) The funniest part of the night, was that, there was a Beautiful/ Decay "colt 45" party next door at an art gallery. In the back, behind the two spaces was the smoking section, that was divided by a thin strip of plastic. So, you had cyclists going over and collecting as much Colt 45 as they could and art types coming across to see what the fuss was all about. It made for a really good mix of folks for both parties. Epic.

Thanks again to the Bicycle Kitchen for throwing this party and here's to Five more years on Helitrope!!! Thanks for all your hard work!!!

Some of your "friendly" neighborhood Cooks!

-Sean Martin

DVS x Cadence present: Fast Forward

Looks like it's at Encino. Does that mean we're racing on the Velo? I hope not, not my strongest area of racing on bikes...

-Sean Martin


Brandon, what an awesome commercial! Nice work, dork. Can I have your autograph next time I see you?

Via Zlog

-Sean Martin

Sputnic Bmx

NIce edit from guys at Sputnic!!!


-Sean Martin

Nike Trackbike Football


Huh? But, it looks fun as shit... New game? Or old one? Somebody let me know....

*Update: Look at all the gear here. Rad, the shoes look good and so do the clothes.

-Sean Martin

12 June, 2010

Epic Benefit Concert: Tonight!!!

Tonight!!! Be there. Tons of amazing stuff to bid on, (the list gets longer everyday) great bands playing (VBC?, get your legs ready to dance) and great awesome people. Come out and support.

-Sean Martin

New Era Japan x Seattle Mariners

Wow, New Era Japan, Keeps bring the heat....
Classic Seattle Mariners....
Note to New Era Japan, Please send some to the USA.

-Sean Martin

11 June, 2010

NJS Ride, July 11th

This an update for the NJS Sparkle ride, Sunday July 11th....
Come even if you don't have NJS beauty. This is gonna be fun.
Stay tuned for updates as the date gets closer.

PS. There's a race the day Before, here's the updated flyer for that. Once all the details get settled for this race, we'll update you, just have your stomaches and your legs ready...

-Sean Martin