30 November, 2009

ten years ago...

Re-post so ya'll don't forget...

Just realized this was ten years ago, goddamn where does the time go?
What crazy week that was, you felt power in the streets by the people you where with and the actions you took...
Then afterwards you felt afraid, and powerless by the city you love by the actions the city took...

via flying coffin and zlog.

Big ups Seattle don't ever forget this, I miss you.

LA Ladies

V con clothes,

and V sans clothes (NSFW) --> HERE <---

and Ali . . .


Pollyn "Still Love"

Pollyn "Still Love" from Pollyn on Vimeo.


Sick Charge/Volume Tarck Bike

Jeffpucket's new fixed gear freestyle bike

From NewJointCity on Trick Track:
Finally got fetup with the tire size issue on my gold volume cutter and was able to trade frames (and a few components) with a friend.

FRAME: Charge Plug
FORK:Volume Fu Manchu
WHEELS: Profile 36h hubs laced to Chukkers
TIRES: Gotham 35c (rear) Armadillo 35c (front)
STEM: Thomson
HEADSET: ChrisKing
BARS: Answer pro-taper
GRIPS: ODI longnecks
SEATPOST: Thomson setback (salsa clamp)
SADDLE: Profile
CRANKS: Profile
BB: Profile
PEDALS: Odyssey Twisteds (with FEETBELTS)
CHAIN: Shadow Conspiracy half link
SPROCKET: Tree spline drive
COG: Surly 14t

Boom! In4mation are killing it!

I'm loving everything these guys are doing.
Deets here at In4mation

"You gotta dig deep!"

This has made it around in the last week, but I had the pleasure of seeing it person at interbike this past sept...

Very pretty, very light. Nice work Garret!

photo by ACEBOOGIE

Olli Erkkila's Newest Creation

Olli Erkkila also made this . . .

DAICHI Interviews HUF!

Click Here to Watch DAICHI ITO Interview HUF on Limited Edition TV!!

Nike AF1 x Livestrong x UNDFTD

Eddie Cruz and UNDFTD have held a strong position in sneaker, style, and sport culture on the West Coast. Having worked with Nike in the past, Cruz and Nike Sportswear have partnered together to rework the iconic Air Force 1.

The sentiment and meaning of this AF1 runs deeper for Eddie Cruz, whom recently suffered a serious personal illness. Creating this shoe with the intention of raising awareness for a good cause was extra motivation and the outcome goes beyond the world of sneakers and sport. “I support LIVESTRONG and Lance Armstrong. He was one of the first people to send me a message of support when I got my brain tumor," said Cruz. "Lance told me to stay strong."

Drops Next week!! So get to UNDFTD and get you pair!

112 1/2 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 937-6077

from HERE

San Diego Tweed ride!!!

Lets go, I think I got some tweed sitting around somewhere...

From that amazing shop Velo cult

it's silly I know.

It's the makeover!

Sponge Bob Figurine by Karl Lagerfeld

via WWD

29 November, 2009


thanksgiving weekend edit from Taylor Dwight on Vimeo.

iMiNUSD Rider, Taylor, The same kid from Prolly's action shots (Post) Got the video up! I must say Talyor you hit some really nice lines and pretty big gaps!!! Keep Spinning!!

Hop Wheel Grab!! San Diego Represent!!

This is what happens when you decide to ditch last friday's Critical Mass in San Diego.. Feelin the wheel grab!! Keep it up guys!

Mike McCarthy's 1992 Yamaguchi

Check this sick vintage Winning cover featuring Mike McCarthy on a unique Koichi Yamaguchi frame. Spotted on NYC Fixed. More history on the frame at Yamaguchi's site:

. . . it also proved that Yamaguchi Bicycles, an individual custom frameshop, was able to produce an aerodynamic bike that could compete with and beat the million dollar project British Lotus bike.
According to CWMD this is one of four Yamaguchi asymmetrical frames. Here is his . . .

If you want more you can peep on 8 pages worth of Yamas here.

Cadence hats!!!!!

Nice hat game dustin!

Get em at Cadence.

Retired Belts!!!

Now Joe posted some bike tire belts, those were great and I'm gonna let 'em finish, but belts made from used randos in SF are the greatest of all time........ haha.

Deets here at Retired belts

DQM x Nike Air Max 90

dqm nike air max 90 current huarache 1 DQM x Nike Air Max 90 Current Huarache
I'm feelin this DQM x NIKE Collab more than the HUF Collab. This Colorway is a little more classic feeling.. Available now at UNDFTD Los Angeles. So get out there and Bring Home the BACON before it's gone!!!

112 1/2 S La Brea Ave,
Los Angeles, CA‎
(323) 937-6077‎

Is Hope Fading Fast?

Freshjive pre-released this shirt on black Friday along with a few examples of how Obama has "maintained continuity with [his] disgraced predecessor" on their World's Got Problems blog. Mediaite sez it was significant because it came from the left. StreetLevel.com sez Freshjive's message is that the government is "not leaning as far left as their campaign has continuously promised to the country."

What do you think?

Black Friday With Zlog!!

Black Friday from chris clappe on Vimeo.

Seattle is so Beautiful... And some Nice riding. Real Clean Zach and Chris. Zlog Crew Represent!!!

You are way to quick prolly.. I need to step my game up!!! I can't get caught sleepin..
check ZLOGBLOG for more info.

seen on Prolly's twitter.

28 November, 2009

SASQUATCHfabrix. x New Era 59FIFTY Fitted Cap

Damnnnnn, lemme get won! Perfect for those cold winter days.

Find more here SASQUATChfabrix.

Tanner Monmaney extra Bootleg v.4 Footage

Tanner Edit from ALOHA FIXED

Learn more about Tanner Monmaney at his profile on Bootleg Session's website.

Stairways to Heaven race.. Trailer

Stairways to Heaven-Preview from // on Vimeo.

Here is the trailer for This race of ours that took place on on November 15,2009. The race consisted of 3 sprints and 3 sets of stairclimbs that eventually lead to a free for all race to the Bike Day LA event in Hollywood. Eight miles through the streets of Los Angeles traffic.

Nice Work Ricardo and Victor!!!! Thanks!!

27 November, 2009

BRAND2 Killin IT!!!

Brand2 vs. LA from Video Market on Vimeo.

Video Market Represent! Nicely shot, Good Job Guys!!

Look what I found on the Cadence site...

While I support Dustin's choice to do this, there are alot of small companies that count on today to end the year with a much needed bang! So, while you're out there shopping, please consider the little guy and shop locally. Support small business!!!!!

Xlarge watch Jams!!!!

Back in the day, I loved xlarge, and I still do. It was always a real special treat to go to the xlarge store on vermont when I would vist my sister in LA. Now I live here and get to go check it out all the time. XL is about blow up again and this watch is the starting point!!! Boom! Viva xlarge! Viva Los Angeles!

Jiro Belt. Belts made from Bicycle Tires?

Better Get them While you can. each one is a "one of a kind".. Recycle that old tire, and make a belt! Oh those Italians... Good job JIRO BELT
Cop it HERE

Scarf Season, and this one is fresh!

I love scarfs and this one is a banger. A dope brand called In4mation

My Mood Today..

26 November, 2009

Richard Mungall for DIGBMX.COM



Come down to the Stüssy shop on La Brea today for some tacos and sweet deals. I'm going to be there all day hanging out! Come by and say Hi!!!
112 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036-2910
(323) 933-2251

From us here at TOLA!

Amazing! I want one so bad...The Mission Workshop bag!

Halloween Keg Ride from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

Not the keg, but the bag!!!! Mission Workshop bag, Cop it Here

25 November, 2009

Simple but affective!!!!



Pick me up something too!

New Leader Trick Frame..

Leader is proud to announce the release of the version 1.5 729TRK frame. The newer frame is refined with a new head tube gusset design, much wider stays to fit a larger tire in the rear, redesigned dropouts that are 10mm longer, revised and improved chain tensioners that are much easier to adjust and works fantastic with the axel instead of the bolts. Also, a new paint finish which will be a flat black powdercoat is being introduced...

From: Here

Can you say "christmas present"?

Applebum has made this sick Wu-Tang Sukajan Souvenir Jacket!! I want this so bad!

This looks like fun.

It gives me an Idea for an upcoming race....................

The Revival San Diego premiere

"The Revival" 21+ San Diego Premiere from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.

Can we get a premiere here in city of angels? guys? guys?


Wale’s new “mixtape” is just as good as an album and some. The whole thing is mixed by Fool’s Gold partner Nick Catchdubs, full of beats from 9th Wonder, Mikey Mike, and Valerie head Mark Ronson (who basically discovered Wale). It also has some of the most impressive features I’ve ever seen on a mixtape, with bars from Kenn Starr, Kweli, Big Sean, Spitta, Beanie Sigel, Young Chris, da 5′9′‘, K’naan and many others.

Cop it HERE free

found on this

24 November, 2009

Undftd X Reebok Release Party Photos!!

Here are a few Photos from the UNDFTDxREEBOK Party.. a few more pics from AceBooge here And Gino's Full Party Photo's HERE

LBS Highlight! LA Brakeless !!

If your ever west of the 405 or just in LA in General. You need to go by the LAB Shop. These guys have done a great job on keepin shit stocked. This IS the #1 place in LA to go if you want to build up a Trick bike. They also build up some pretty sweet wheels and know their shit.. If you come in all big swagger like, the homie George might just toss a few jokes at ya.. ;)

12220 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

LA Brakeless Website

Bluesix Ti Bolts!!

"I am running a set on my track bike and have been running the same bolts (3/8-16") on my bmx bike for eight months. The large head (22mm) fits perfect with the insurance tabs on forks and gives plenty of surface area to grab your frame ends tight. The broach is 6mm for convenience (hence the 6 in Bluesix) and helps reduce the amount of tools needed to work on your bike. Speaking of this, we are also working on similar bolts that fit most square taper cranks. They will be the same material and also feature a 6mm broach. With these bolts in your wheels and cranks you can remove that 8mm from your carry bag and work on your bike with less tools.

As with all Bluesix Bikes these will be under the same warranty offered on all of their components."

Blue Six Bikes Here
Written by KEN @ Zodiac Eng

Profile Cone, FAIL! O_o

- I've heard of the cones breaking on the Profile fixed hubs, but these are the most detailed photos I've seen of the occurrence. It seems Profile has come up with a solution to this problem by offering a 3/8 axle conversion kit (found here) priced at $55 per axle; not including titanium bolts (+ $33 per pair). That is quite a bit of dough to throw down! According to my source, this hub was only 2 months old when it failed.


another one gettin it down!!!!!

KAMOME fixed gear from ARAKID on Vimeo.

Via locked cog!!!!!!

EDIT: aaaannnd this VIDEO IS FAKE.. Just noticed a car going backwards in the video.. thanks Prollskionovic

This kid is one to watch for!!!! YU!!!!!

Yu 1 day edit from YU KU$UMOTOh! on Vimeo.

Dope via Lockedcog

Nike 2010 Tennis Classic JAMS!!!!!

I want these to ride in........ might even rock the whites........

WOW!!!!! DeLorean Motor Co. x The Hundreds

Oh my gawd! I don't what these guys have got planned but it better some Marty Mcfly shit! Here's the deets.......

The Hundreds to release a collection in a cross-industry collaboration with automotive company DeLorean Motor Co. The iconic gull-wing car produced by DeLorean is known mostly as a one-trick pony with their DMC-12 model firmly cementing its place in pop culture history thanks to its appearance in the Back to the Future franchise. Bobby Hundreds offers us a look into the backend aspect of the DeLorean Motor Co. which is currently situated in Humble, Texas. Events are planned for both The Hundreds Los Angeles and The Hundreds San Francisco locations.

VCR Thanksgiving Race 2| TONIGHT!!! @ 7:30pm | Venice Beach


Turkey Sprints!!!
With Thanksgiving a few days away and the December holidays around the corner,this may be the last time you’ll be able to sprint without being glutted with holiday food. So I encourage everyone to come out and race at the Basset Track and celebrate Thanksgiving early with the SJFam! iMiNUSD will be there to give out prizes for the top racers and the grand prize will be a 20 Pound Turkey! So bring your friends and libations, warm up your legs, and race the night away!
more info here

23 November, 2009

Los Angeles Tweed Ride Photos!!

LA Tweed ride Photos are In!!!!!! HERE and HERE. This looks like it was a real fun ride!! Congrats Guys! Keep Spinning.

Photo Credits:
Bike by the sea

Giving cars the weekend off in Los Angeles?????

"Imagine Los Angeles without cars. A town where people ride their bikes and walk in the streets and the smells of tacos and veggie burgers drift through the air instead of exhaust...

Sound like a pipe dream? Not if a group called cicLAvia is successful. A volunteer coalition of bicycle advocates, transportation experts, artists and academics, cicLAvia wants to make Sundays in Los Angeles virtually car-free -- transforming the city's streets into giant bike lanes and creating a public space that connects every neighborhood in the city.....

Read full article --->>>> here

For Sale! Dodici 405 laced to Phil Wood..

What we Have here For Sale, is a Dodici 405 Wheelset laced to Phil Wood 32 spoke NEVER USED
With or Without Cog (also never used) This shit is FIRE and would look great on any build.. Make Offer!!! takeoverlablog@gmail.com

LBS Highlight! ORANGE 20 BIKES!!!!

If you ever find yourself In the East Hollywood area. Make Sure you go by and support Orange 20. Jim, TJ, and of course Kyle from Traco will always take care of anything you need. They have a very knowledgeable staff and support ALL aspects of cycling. As a bonus and if your lucky my good buddy ACEBOOGIE, the-sleepers.com , will be in the house. He is top Notch and will go out of his way to help you..

Dallas Revival Premiere Photos...

My buddy from JMMSEASONS Strikes again with some Pics from the Revival Premiere in Dallas.. Looks like a good scene down there.. Album Here