14 February, 2011

Supreme x Cinelli/ Supreme x Leyzne

This is hypebeast shit, but I want both. The pump looks sick, and Leyzne puts out great products.

Via the Highsnob

Ideum Apparel

Ideum Apparel, one of the sponsors of The East West Smash up, just dropped a new shirt.
Fixed, a "Four crazy sweet f===ing color American Apparel tee." Lovely, looks great guys.

Pick it up here.

OC vs LA: Results: LA won!

StrykerLA, threw an Alleycat this weekend in Fullerton. The theme was OC vs LA. A County rivalry checkpoint race. It was pretty fun, five checkpoints all over the place, I mean all over. I heard some racers clocked over 50 miles and were lost a lot of the time. I had the pleasure of following locals to half of the checkpoints before they got lost, trying to find the 3rd checkpoint and went a different way from me, which at that point Riccardo jumped in with me, and we gambled on the directions of a motorist at a light. It paid off. We found the missing checkpoint (that no one else had yet) and it was in bag at that point. Got the last checkpoints after working together with the 3rd place winner, Johnny Rojas, then headed off to the finish, just Riccardo and I. I sprinted in at the finish to take it, but in the end Riccardo and I wanted to share the win, since we worked together to make sure that LA took home the victory. We did around 30 miles or more for total mileage, a long one. Thanks to Kevin, for a great race! Thanks to all of those who raced (35 of you) and we'll see you at the next one!

Which is this one .

Here's a link to Zacks flickr for photos from the race!

Rider Profile: Cody Lewis

So, I run into this guy from time to time on Jefferson during my commute. He always has a huge smile on his face, chats me up about riding, and bikes. It's just nice to run into him, and have someone friendly on my commute. I love how stoked he is for bikes and wish him the best with his cycling adventures. Keep it up, dude and I'll see you on the road!

The bike heist: Happy V-Day

It's V-Day, ugh.