01 March, 2010

Bicycle Kitchen 5 year Anniversary Bike ride and potluck

So, the Bicycle Kitchen is having it's 5 year anniversary, this year. (5 years of being at its current location on Helitrope and Melrose, otherwise known as the bike district) I love the bike kitchen, not because of my family ties to it, but because of what it stands for. Community. Something that is really lacking in todays society. The kitchen for me is hub. I can go there and see friends, family, get advice on bike issues, or find out where the next race is and/or party. It's the best. Without it, we in LA probably wouldn't have the bike district, one the greatest places in LA. I mean, it has it all. Pure Luck for food and beer, Scoops for ice cream, O20 for the lulz and homies (plus bike shit), Shane (the mayor) and just seeing everyone you come through at any given time... all because of the kitchen. (most of these places are owned by ex cooks from the bike kitchen)
In the next few months, there will be some events taking place to celebrate this milestone (parties, fundraisers, races, rides etc..)
Keep you eyes peeled for these and more. If you're on the bike block, stop by and wish the kitchen a happy Bday, let em know that you support em.

Happy Bday Bicycle Kitchen!!!

Here's some deets on what is going on in the next few months

-Sean Martin

East & West Smash Up: The results....


So, this past Sunday, we here at TOLA! threw a race with Beaver. It was awesome. Such a lovely day. 26 racers, a lot of swag.
Hern won. Again. I'm proud that Hern is killin it this year, but please someone beat him.

Check photos here.

Photo's and video by Andrew Bushe

-Sean Martin

Chris Akrigg

Chris Akrigg THE MAURICE.0 from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

This guy is insane.... I mean crazy shit, balls to the wall, riding.

-Sean Martin