03 December, 2010

1500 posts

Potrero Hill Bombing from Lester Lyons-Hookham on Vimeo.

Wow. 1500 posts. Jebus. This one is going out to Team CB, who is going to SF this weekend to race the Super Market Sweep Race.
Good luck boys, Ace and I are sad, that your Team Manager and Team Captain won't be there to race alongside you guys. Do us proud. Come home safe, get me a Giants hat! Fuckers.

What a great edit, we want more hill bombing edits!

Video's for days...

Anniversary Trick Comp from iMiNUSD on Vimeo.

LA better win this shit.

This is awesome.

So great.

Thanks Ryan

MASHSF: Contest or Give Away?

Mash just got some of their Cinelli MASH Volee bar tapes for the Team. (Hern hook it up) This tape is not out until Feb for the rest of us. Boo. If you order stuff online from Mash, you might get some of this tape with your order!

Rick Anderson

Rick Anderson from Kinema Group on Vimeo.

Great edit, nice lines, and style. Music? It's great, but, have you guys heard of Macaframa?

R.E. Load Gift Packs

So cool. Our friends at R.E.Load have made gift getting for that Cyclist in your life a little easier this year. Gift bags! I'm placing an order for somebody, ASAP. If someone out there is looking for gift ideas to get me, (Kelly) I would go for number #2, but that's just me. (hint, hint)

Check out the Gift bags Here

LA and SF this weekend

So much fun.