08 December, 2009

LA pride for the ladies...

These are hoodie dresses, and baby, it's cold outside. Get em here at Pride Clothing

Sick build on the kinfolk....

Medieval Bike from Track Dropouts on Vimeo.

I love these frames and the way she builds it up, is amazing. The limited edition cmwctokyo2009 parts are sick as fuck, I want!
Kinfolk are the homies and I'm so happy all the love they have been getting lately. Well deserved, gentlemen.

This is pretty cool...

Box Animation from Jordan Clarke on Vimeo.

autographed 49ers caps...

These are from an awesome cycling cap company Cognition, I have one (a regular cap, not autographed) and love it to death, very comfy, with or without a helmet.
Here's their blog so you can see what the deal was with these. Maybe we should hit them up to do a Laker colorway, get some autographs and bewm, charity event! Keep your eyes peeled...

X-mas gifts from Tracko!!!

More homies modeling for tracko! Yo, Kyle! When is my turn?

Is that Ace's booty?

Cop these here and read more about them bewm...

Dennis Busenitz Pro model Skate shoe

These really remind me of the Copa Mundial cleat. That because DB knows his shit, and made a badass cleat into a badass skateshoe.! Riding shoe? I think so. Get em here.

Bamboo Sportswear from Thriv

New Orleans based sportswear company Thriv was nice enough to send me a couple of tees to give some feedback on. The 50% bamboo, 45% organic cotton, 5% elastane fabric felt really soft and didn't keep the stink like my Patagonia base layers used to, and it did all the other stuff a sporty shirt is supposed to do, like wick moisture off your body. But what I'm stoked for is there upcoming Lincoln hoodie.

It has a close to the body design so nothing snags while you're riding, reflective trim so drivers can see you better, and it's black like the rest of my clothes. It's also $170 cheaper than the Outlier hoodie. Lemme get wan!

UNDFTD "On Your Bike Kid!"

The UNDFTD "ON YOUR BIKE KID" TEE $28.00 Is a limited run. I think only about 100 of these we're made. You better run and get these before they're gone.Here