21 September, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

Heading out of town, in few hours. I'll be updating as the week progresses.

Chrome: The Senator

Pretty cool looking. Wonder how much it can hold? I'll be sure to ask, since this is my first meeting of Interbike, tomorrow.

Get it here.

No brakes? How do you stop?

This is from the ArtCrank show in London. I really like it. Good job Workshop!


Cadence Water Bottles

Dustin, if you're reading this, please have some of these at Interbike. Save me one! I'm really excited to see the Collection. Just a few hours and I will be on my way to Vegas!

L'Eroica 2010

L'Eroica X le coq sportif (october 1st 2010) teaser from Le Coq Sportif on Vimeo.

I will do this ride, at some point in my life.