28 March, 2011

Kickflip... BMX?!!!?!?!?!!

So Crazy!

Boda Boda NYC: Winter Scraps (Bike Shorts 15 Winner)

Winter Scraps (Bike Shorts 15 Winner) from BODABODANYC on Vimeo.

That looks so brutal. Radiskull hate snow.

Boda Boda NYC

Neighbors: Dylan Bigby (Full Length)

Neighbors: Dylan Bigby (Full Length) from Agency Charlie on Vimeo.

More on Dylan!

Throne of Bone

My good friends have put their full length Album up for Download.

I am really sad I missed them on their tour, and hope to catch them playing, next time I go to Seattle.

Until then, I will be doomed to ride earth, listening to Brutality that is the Throne, alone.

Download here!

Joe was in town!

I guess this how they lock up in SF... It was great having my other half of TOLA! in town.
We need to see more of each other. Joe is one of the best. He ate three emcees for dinner at
Sound.Wavs on Saturday. Just killed it on the mic. If you weren't there, you missed out.

Juan's Helmet light

Pretty cool idea. Gonna steal that.

Juan is throwing the Takeover ll, a race I won last year and is kind of a favorite of mine.
We have vistors from Germany coming, so we wanted to throw them a checkpoint race.
Roll the Dice, see where it leads you.

Race to Save Japan: Results!

What an amazing day. We all thought it was gonna pour on us, and then sun shined down on us.
65 racers came out, to race to two checkpoints. One at Angel's Point at the top of Elysain park,
then over the Griffith Park Observatory. The race was two big climbs then to the end at Fresh Pressed,
for awards and the bake sale/ screen printing event for the Red Cross. The Race end of the benefit,
raised $510 dollars, with a $100 check, and we auctioned off the overall Winners bag (thanks Hern)
for $110 bucks. Hern won overall (track bike), with neck to neck sprint against Jon B.
Just pulling it out ahead of Jon B., a very exciting end to the race. Tony Z got 3rd (1st road), and Mei
got 1st Girl! I think that was her third race! Good Job guys!

My Bareknuckle

Goddamn, that is sexy. My Maiden Voyage on the Reynolds. These will not be my every day wheels,
they are for the Track, but with all the rain we have been having, I haven't been able to take these for a spin.
So I rode them to work. I'm in love. So smooth, spin so fast, and look so, so sexy.

Rider Profile: John Gabriel (JTR)

The Man, The Myth, The Legend. Some might say he is the underground king of Los Angeles Cycling, and Master of his world of Sanctioned Races. I say he is my friend, and a pretty rad dude, who can handle a bicycle a whole lot better then most. I have the utmost respect for JTR, and he deserves it. I could to go in to many reasons why, but I think this small interview will provide a glimpse into that. He seems to set the bar everywhere he goes, and he just set the bar with these answers. Enjoy!