29 November, 2010

Zlog Crew: Winter training

I don't miss Seattle winters at all. I am stoked to come visit for New Years this year!

Great edit from the homies at Zlog

Product Review: Mission Workshop: The Shed

A few months ago, Mission Workshop hit me up to do a review on "The Shed", the first ever "Rolltop Messenger Bag". After taking this bag back and forth from work, Las vegas for interbike, and SF for the BFF, I figured it was time for the write up. I really took my time with this bag, I would love it, then out of nowhere I would just hate it, (the Gemini in me) and not use it for a few days. It was my travel bag, meaning I would pack clothes in another bag, and bring this as my roll around the city bag. Fill it with my shopping, tools, camera and other shit I would need during the trip. As for commuting, I liked it. It has a real professional look to it. Coming into a professional work environment, it made me feel legit, and very proud to be riding my bike to work. Almost like a briefcase, but more badass. As a working bag, i.e. Bike Messenger, I wouldn't use it (I'll explain below), for a commuter or Student, where you are in and out of your bag very little, and need to carry a bunch of stuff at one time. I highly recommend it. Read on for the full explanation.

Zlog x RE Load Waxed Canvas Lockdown Straps

Damn Zack. These look great!

Get on the Pre Sale here!

Rider Profile: Ace Carretero

The Boogie Monster. I love my dude. Forever cracking jokes and spinning spokes. haha. Seriously, Ace pushes me. One of the hardest working guys I know. We get into it sometimes, but it's always for the best. Chin Checking, I love it, it makes me want to be better and work harder. I thank him so much for introducing me to the Nerd Crew, and letting me get down. This is what I call Family, and I'm happy that Ace is core member of mine. CNBC. Interview after the jump.

DZR: The Return of the Lazy Man to Bike Shoes

The Return of the Lazy Man To Bike Shoes from James Adamson on Vimeo.

Super funny. These shoes rock BTW.


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