23 August, 2010

Great flyer

LA GARIBALDINA from Pindaro on Vimeo.

I love this....

Thanks Tracko

FireSale & BBQ

Food, deals, bikes on Sunday! Help the Kitchen clear out the pantry!

I'll remind you later this week.

Chrome: Summer Sabotage Video Contest

More Contests!!! Yay! Interesting way of getting votes, good use of Facebook.

Deets from the homies at Chrome:

Summer Sabotage Rules & Regulations
1) Capture a video of someone being sniped with a water balloon.
2) Enter your submission on the Chrome website. The deadline for submission is Monday, September 13th, 10am, PST.
3) Post your video to the Chrome Facebook Fan Page for everyone to see.
4) Following the deadline, Chrome will then re-post the top 5 videos on the Chrome Fan page for a chance to win.
5) Wake the town and rack up votes for your video. Fans can vote for their favorite video by commenting or clicking the "like" button underneath the corresponding video of their choice ("likes" count for half). The most voted video wins. The winner will be announced on Thursday, September 16th, 11am, PST.
6) Winner receives a limited edition Chrome buckle bag featuring Artwork by SF’s own Lil’ Tuffy!
Submitted videos will become property of Chrome for use at approved discretion.

Death before Derailleur

I like this, I'm a Track bike Fascist. I own three, and have two more that aren't mine stored at my house...
Get some Gears? I think not. Hahahah, naw I came from a road bike and I am saving my duckets to get a fancy new one. Them mountains are calling me..

Get the poster here, they also have T-shirts.

Nice find from the homie at PC.

Murder of Couriers

There are a lot of rad videos out today....

I like this one.

All you can eat Race: New Edit

ALL YOU CAN EAT RACE JULY 2010 from Royal Black on Vimeo.

Bewm, they fixed it. It's just when you work on something, even though it's just a race, it's nice to get some love for it. Thanks to Royal Black for fixing our issue with the edit. Be on the look out for the StrykerLA x Royal Black colab!!!

To live and ride in L.A. Official Trailer

I, cannot wait for this.

Check it here.

Go to the Premiere on Sept 3rd.

Join me on my ride to it.

If you're coming from the Westside, follow Beaver.

Once there, race this, before the Premeire.

After it all, lets make party. Bewm