20 January, 2011

Speaking of races

Alleycat from Pale Blue Pictures on Vimeo.

Looked like a fun Alleycat in Florida...

Race time...

I found this rad clip board, while moving our offices for work. The Obey stickers were already on it, I added everything else. Gonna be using this a lot this year. We have got some things in the works for summer which will be pretty good and fun. I think LA this year will be the place for streets races in the USA, this year. If everyone follows through, with what they are talking about, there could be at least two street races every weekend, this summer. I am excitied. I won't be racing all of them (gonna try my hand at the Cats for road racing), but I'll be there to support and throw our own gems this spring/ summer. Stoked.

Here are Two coming up in the next month, that we are part of.

Revenge of the Nerds

TOLA! and BEAVERBEAVS Presents: The East West Smash Up: Part Duex

Pryme: Good Day Gloves

People have been asking me what were the Gloves, I was wearing in the "I am LA" Video? The best ones ever. Pryme: Have a good day Gloves... I got these last year in a race, and rock them, when I'm feeling frisky. They are super comfy, and just fun to wear.

Wheelmen & Co: Smithport Wallet

Seek and yea shall find. I have been looking for a new wallet, and bewm, here one is... I just carry cards in my wallets, so this is perfect for me. Plus, it has stash spot for 5mm allen wrench, and comes with one. Perfect.

Get it here

MASHSF: Pursuit Water Bottles

Matchy, Matchy!

Get em here!