06 December, 2010

Alltrack 2010: Asylum Criterium

Alltrack 2010: Asylum Criterium from Eyeball Moving Image on Vimeo.

Crits. The best. This might be a focus this upcoming year with our races. Get ready.

Scicon Aerotech Evolution Bike Box

I'm bringing back bike from AK. I have been researching what I should use, and this is probably the best bike box I have come across. I'm in love. I have a few trips next year, and this would be best thing for my bike...

30 Century Man

The Rig Out Magazine “30 Century Man” Video from Gavin McWait on Vimeo.

Great edit. I want to go to there.

Chris King: Tamper of the Gods

Oh, to be a Barista again... Sike. If I was, I would have this for my Tamper. So cool. When I get my shop up, you better believe, there's gonna be Essperrso Machine up in there, with this Tamping all over the place.

Get it here.

Rider Profile: Jennifer Shulkin

A little bit go, I started noticing this tiny girl showing up at various events, with one or more of my friends. Super talkative, very attentive to the conversations, and always has some funny shit to add or rad stories to compete with our "witty banter". Any girl that can hang out with us, and not be disgusted or turned away by the shit we say or do and still want to hang out, while holding her own, is amazing in my book. Plus she can wield a bike like a sword. I'm excited every time she races (kicking ass at Cross), and really can't wait for summer to witness her stomp the competition. Jenny makes me want to go explore Chicago, only if she was there with me. Road Trip? I'm happy to have gotten to know her, and hope my own baby behavior doesn't bother her too much. Get to know our BabyNerd, after the jump.

Mission Workshop: The Orion

Now they are making apparel... I'm stoked. If "The Orion" is anything like their bags, this jacket is gonna rock.

Deet from the homies:
Schoeller c_change™ waterproof / breathable
4-way stretch shell
Snap off hood
Internal media pocket
Water-resistant YKK zippers
Pit zip ventilation
Single rear touring-style pocket

Hit the link to sign up to be notified when it drops.

SuperB Bicycle: Hat

Oh Snap. I got one. This hat rocks. You want to look a little clean, throw this on. Wei Wei of SuperB was out in LA, this past week, and I was lucky enough to meet her and chat, plus I got hooked up with one of their dope hats. Thanks Wei Wei! Hope the trip was successful. I know there are a few of more of these floating around waiting to get snapped up, maybe you'll be lucky enough to run into whoever is holding on to them...

Or you can buy one here!