25 April, 2011

Triple Rush: Off Air...

WTF? Three episodes and it's been taken off the schedule...

Go over to the Travel Channels FB page and let them know quality shows like Triple Rush deserves a shot!

Affinity: H PLUS SON Contest

Affinity is holding a contest! Win some rims!!! Sick..

"Affinity is proud to be a new distributor for H Plus Son rims. Affinity is the only source in the US for the TB14 box rims. We have also made a limited edition run of Hard Anodized Formation Face rims to match the TB14 box rims available exclusively form Affinity. Check them out and buy them here. For all US dealer inquiries please send us an email to info@affinitycycles.com and we’ll get you set up as a dealer.

All rims are available in 32 and 36 hole drillings. In addition to these new rims, we also have a full stock of H Plus Son Eero rims, Formation face, F30 and SL42 in all colors and hole drillings.

To celebrate and showcase the new rims we are giving away three new sets of rims. We will be giving away one set of High Polish TB14 Box Rims, one set of Hard Anodized TB14 rims and one set of Limited Hard Anodized Formation face rims.

• How to enter: email contest@affinitycycles.com and tell us your favorite LBS (Local Bike Shop).
• The contest will end Next Monday May 2nd at noon NYC time.
• Rims will be shipped to your LBS, pick em up or have them built there!
• Winners will be drawn at random next Monday and featured in Tuesday’s blog post.

Good luck and make sure you check out the rims and all of our frames here."

Rider Profile: ALonso Tal.

This guy. I love it when Zoe comes out race, then I know it's gonna be good one. I don't get to see this guy to often,
but I know when I do, it's time to race harder then usual. A LA racer who shares the duties of having a Chrome Jersey
with some of the fastest cats in LA. I'm proud to share that with him and look forward to the next time we match wheels.

LMR: Guest Review: Jimmy Rosas

So Saturday, I was gonna go see LMR, Greg showed up to join me, but we got sidetracked... However, I ran into Jimmy
and He was going to go see it, so I asked him write a review for me.

"Yesterday, April 23rd was the screening for ''last men riding'' not a lot of the cycling community came out as expected but overall it was still a good time. The short film gives you an inside look into the lives of down town L.A. messengers & the struggles they go through daily. Specifically how new technologies are affecting their work in a way that's causing less use of them. Which will eventually lead to the end of bike messengers hence the name "last men riding". Greedy bosses also contribute by paying low wages causing their lives to be harder to live. It also shows the traffic dangers they go through like Ozzie's infamous bus accident & the hardship he went through but with help from friends, echo park cycles, & a love for cycling, he found the courage to get back on his saddle & do what he loves the most being a messenger & hanging out on 3rd & hope at “the wall” with the rest of DTLA’s finest"

Thanks man, great review!