07 May, 2010

One of us.

What can I say... I'm really proud of my homie, Lil' Hern. He has won more races in LA in the last few years then anyone. (Fuckin lil' shit) I've had him pass me up more then once... Now, it's really paying off for him. Got the hookup from the big dogg in the Track bike street game, MASHSF (amongst other sponsors). We all need to step our game up and shut this fucker down. (I kid, I kid) Good job Hern, continue to win and go faster! I see big things for this little dude. Congrats, my friend. You really deserve it!

Photos via MASH

Photo credit, I believe goes to Beaver.

You'll be able to some dope footy of Hern and our crew of talented LA riders (me to name one) in the upcoming LA film "To Live and Ride in LA"

Hooray for LA Riders!!!

-Sean Martin

This weekend in LBC

Wow, this looks like an awesome weekend of events in the LBC. I'll be riding to Long Beach this weekend for a my Girlfriend's Family's Mothers day BBQ, so I'm swing through and check this out. I know the main draw for most you will be the "Fixed Gear Fest" but remember to go see the rest of the bike events, to show that we're all apart of a larger community and we just love bikes! This is making me very excited for the "Tour of Cali" which has a time trial in DTLA (May 22nd). That same weekend, Lil Hern (congrats getting picked up by MASH homie!) is throwing a street race (a MASH race) for all of us dirtbags. Keep your eyes out for that one.

-Sean Martin

The King of Freestyle

The King of Freestyle from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Got this video sent me. Enjoy, some nice lines in here.

-Sean Martin