21 June, 2010

CADENCE - FAST FORWARD this past weekend.

I want to give a big shout out to Dustin at Cadence and his crew from DVS for setting up a good event at a pretty sweet location. It was right behind the SF Fair next to AT&T Stadium. LA you better hold it down because FERGUS, the cat who won, is a Monster.

Here he is all alone at least 45 seconds ahead of everyone.

Photo from mattress101

photo from austin.!!

Sunday Streets in SF!

Sunday Streets is an Event in SF that shuts down the roads to Cars and motor cycles and opens them up to Cyclists, Pedestrians, Skaters and anyone else that is using HUMAN POWERED Transportation. It is an event that originated in Bogota, Columbia as a day to promote free, health and community oriented events and now 30 years later has made its way around the world. That was this past Sunday. Check their Calendar for the next one in JULY!!! LA time to start one..

Check it out http://sundaystreetssf.com

- Joseph Lobato

Major Taylor: Movie Preview

Bought time.

"The greatest hero America ever forgot," Major Taylor was the first black world champion of any leading sport. He did this 10 years before Jack Johnson was the first black heavyweight champ and 50 years before Jackie Robinson integrated major league baseball

-Sean Martin

Fast Forward: Please race safely this Saturday.

So, this coming Saturday, is this race at Encino. A lot of newbies to the track will be out that day, I strongly suggest you go to the class being held earlier that day, if you have never raced on the track before. It can be very dangerous for you and your fellow racers, if you don't know what the fuck you are doing. There are gonna be all levels of abilites out there on Saturday, and I want everyone to make it through the day safely. Here's a link to a post Joe put up a little while ago, please read. Just be safe out there Saturday, if you're not sure of racing on the track, don't push your luck, just watch and have a good time. I still get nervous racing on the track. It can be scary. However, the whole day will be a blast and fun in the sun, so come out.

-Sean Martin

Official T-Level Infinity Rolltop Backpack Review

Alright, here we go... I recently acquired a T-Level Infinity Rolltop Backpack from my homie Kevin at StrykerLA. Now, not much is known in the states about T-Level bags, so I decided to do a review. When I first saw these on the interwebs, I thought, "damn, what a good looking bag" and really compared it to SAG bags in design. Once I got my hands on one, I realized that's where the comparison stops. There is so much more going on with this bag then SAG could ever come up with.. Enjoy the review...

Burro Bags : Chronic Series

Here's the Deet from our friends at Burro Bags

The latest iteration of our ever-popular foot retention system are ready to hit the streets. Built with a new tubular webbing, these straps are even stronger with a flexible feel, able to take a beating but easier to break in. We've lengthened the top closure and and the tapered straps for added surface area and enhanced velcro holding strength. Available in three brighter, bolder colorways (Black Gold, Orange Kush, and Grape Ape) these straps are online now and coming to retail stores soon.


Get em here.

-Sean Martin