28 September, 2010

This was waiting for me when I got home...

Sneakers, from DVS x Cadence. Thanks guys! They are super comfy... I wont be riding in them, Clipless FTW, however I am still stoked, to be rocking them. Nice coming home surprise, after Vegas.

California Bike Gear: Quick Stik

New Levers. Got em at Interbike. Gonna try em out today. I should be finishing off my thickslick on the way to O20 tonight. What is so special about these levers? Well, for one, they're a little longer then most levers and have a sort of a thicker handle on the end. For me, that's great. I have some issues with my hands and muscle strength, due to injuries from crashes over the course of my life. Anything that give me more tourqe or leverage is bonus in my book. Secondly, the shape of the head. It has a steeper angle, then other levers. It also has a longer cut-out section. Why? Well once you get under the bead of the tire, you twist the lever, so the cut-out rests against the lip of rim sliding it along, until the tire comes off. Repeat for other side. This is so you don't need two levers, one will do the job. It feels really durable, unbreakable almost. When I switch-out my tires, tonight, I'll post pics and tell ya how it went down!


Thanks to Colt for pointing these out to me.


I cannot wait for this. This is gonna be awesome. Open Streets for walking and bikes! Hopefully the first of many. A day of no cars, and it starts at my favorite spots in LA, continues through my hood, ending DTLA!!! So, think of this as an early warning for awesome Sunday. 10-10-10.