16 November, 2010

iMiNUSD Anniversary Weekend 11/20 & 11/21: Scalleycat & Trick Comp

Saturday November 20th: SJF Relationship Series Finale... SCALLEYCAT *Fixed / SS Only*
Sunday November 21st: TRICK COMP

-24 HOURS*

*Scalleycat starts at 2pm Saturday 11/20 @iMiNUSD and will
finish at 2pm Sunday 11/21 @ Paisley Haus (1177 West San Carlos,
San Jose). You must be in before 2pm or you will be DQ'ed
**2 Person teams only, if you do not a team you will be paired with
someone during registration. In a worst case scenario if there is
absolutely no one you can be paired with, a 3 person team will be ok.
Also it is $5 per person, not per team.
***Please try to have a digital camera in your team with a SD memory
card. If neither one of you have a digital camera with a SD memory
card, an approved camera phone will suffice (decent resolution required)

This race marks the end of the relationship series of Alleycats SJF has put on this year. It's also the 1 year anniversary that IMINUSD track boutiqe has been open in San Jose. This first Scalleycat is rumored to be an even bigger beast than the famous Reno Scalleycat. Distance riding, shannigans, puzzels, etc will be just some of the tasks you will have to complete for points. Tons of prizes including track framesets, bags and many more. Get your partner, come up with a team name and join SJF in a fun filled bike weekend. Fixed and SS only.

email brendanmoran1@gmail.com if you have questions or check out www.sjfixed.org forum for more info.

Joe is Back!

It's good to see you posting from SF. Bout time. Now it's TOLA! 'n' TOSF!
The We took the City, twins.

*Back one day, and he is editing my photos.


The Homie SIMONTHEBEAST's NJS CIVRAS.. What A beaut.
35mm photo by Jacques le Bewm

Copenhagen Parts: the Bike Porter. BARS

These Bars are dope.. WANT! Integrated Riser and basket.

they come in Silver, Anno'd black, blue and pink.
Check em out here.
and Cop em HERE $199.00

Mission Bicycle Company!

In San Francisco We have an independent Bike "Builder" Company called "Mission Bicycle Company"

Danny does it again.

WOW. Watch.

Vamos a la Playa

Vamos a la Playa Teaser from Hector Ferreño on Vimeo.

After riding around in SF, I have the tour bug. Team CB, lets do this.

Vuelta de Los Angeles: Results

While we were gone, there was a an awesome tour through LA, and JTR won! Yay!

I heard there was some beef again. I'm tired of hearing and seeing people bitching about street races in LA. Everyone is guilty of it, and it needs to stop. It's supposed to be fun. You want to be serious, go race the CATs. We as organizers work hard for these events, and one person can ruin it for everyone. I'm not pointing fingers, because we are all guilty of it. Lets just be be cool and have fun at the all the future races.

*photo by the Borachos

**Edited, due to the fact I wasn't here, and info was 2nd hand knowledge. Facts became clear and I choose to change my tone. I'm still sick of people bitching. Race Bikes!

Chutes 'n' Ladders: Results

Baby Murder won! Yay!

*Justin Murder won, let the Coffee tell it...

Hold Fast Keychains

While I still might not ever rock Hold fast Style straps, I would however, kill the game with these. I've been on the look out for a new key chain, and I think I just found it. When do they come out?

Hold Fast

Taco Cat rides in SF

Like I said, you can't escape LA. Taco Cat.

The Homie John!


Fucking around in a Juice kit. Fun Day.

Saturday ride.

Went for a ride across the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday with Greg, Jenny, and Joe. Loved it. Even though I get vertigo, it was still a blast.


Pushbike, my new home away from home. What a rad shop. A place you feel like you can kick it, shop and have beers all at the same time. Nestled in the Mission, on 22nd and Shotwell, (look for the Hang tag) Sarah MurDer, has a real jem of a shop. We watched two Allleycats start here over the weekend, and nothing but good vibes, were had by all. I wish this was in LA, I would be here everyday, if it was.

Name that frame!

Pake, needs your help. They need names for their frames. Come with a slick name for each of their three frames and you can win a Pake Saddle or Cycling Cap. Dope. You need a FaceBook page and you have to "Like" the Pake page, to enter.

Leave your winning names here, there is also a bit more info on the contest on that link as well.

When we had just one little frame, we thought we could be lazy and not think of a name. None of you seemed to mind owning frame w/o a name. BUT now we have two track frames and another possibly in the works and we are getting tired of saying "steel track frame" and "alloy track frame". So we need some awesome names.

Model breakdowns to help you get creative:
1) Steel Track Frame: Strong, agile, affordable all-steel ride
2) Alloy Track Frame: Light and fast enough for the velodrome. Includes carbon fork.
3) FGFS/"Ride Around" frame: Designed for tricks, but not so heavy that you don't feel like racing and commuting on it. (Still in development)

Good luck!