17 June, 2011

ZLOG Crew Portland Day Shred

ZLOG Crew Portland Day Shred from chris clappe on Vimeo.



Expo Bike path: The Buildup, Part 1

In LA, there has been on going construction on a new MTA line. The Exposition line.
It runs from USC to almost Venice/ Robertson. It cuts right in front (above) of work. A side project,
Expo Bike path runs along side it ( and is super close to my house). The Buildup of the path is finally
hitting my work. The Bike path is ten feet from our doors, and I have been watching it get built.
I have had plans of taking a photo a day, so you guys could see the process. What you
see here, is what they got done in one day! I was stoked, I thought it would be finished
in like four days, then would have a great commute to work. Newp, I took this photo over a
week ago. Nothing new since. I'll update as things happen...

Rapha SFCC: Chris King Exhibt

I wish I could be there for this. Meet Chris King this Sunday 11am-1pm and Nerd about bikes.

Actual Pain: Swag

This package was waiting for as well the other day. Actual Pain, is having a %40 off
sale and I swooped on these jems. So stoked!