27 August, 2010

FireSale & BBQ

This on Sunday!!! Don't forget, help the Kitchen out!!!

Bicycle Dreams

I cannot wait to see this.... plus there's a lot of great movies this year at the BFF. As well as, a ton of events and parties going on. Think of this as your heads up for next week. I'll be posting everyday, what is going on, and what we'll be doing, so keep your eye out for that. Just buy tickets now, I'm sure the all the programs will sell out. The best thing for me besides the huge day on Friday, is that Cubby Boob will have booth on Sunday at the Block party. You know that's where it will be goin down. CBNC!

LDG Traveling....

All City Championship Weekend!! from vincent shim on Vimeo.

Looks like a lot fun!!!

Fortune 700

What better way to spend your Sunday? I will be riding out to this on Sunday, if anyone wants to join and warm your legs up, feel free to meet me at Chinatown Metro, (TT, meet up spot, for the OG's) 1130am, roll out at 12ish. It should be hot day, so be prepared. See you Sunday!

Fyxation Tire

So, I burned through my Rando on my Affinity this week. I was gonna pick up thickslick to throw on, (I got em on my Bareknuckle and love them) when I remembered that I had a Fxyation tire, chillin in the bike closet for some time now. I decided to give it a spin. First impressions: Well, I like to run my tires fully inflated, some times overly. Can't do that with these. It likes to be at 90-100 psi. It says, it can take 110 psi, no it can't, not at all. I went through two tubes putting it up to 110psi. So, don't do that. Lesson learned. Next, they are loud when you skid, it might just because it's the first few days on it, but damn, it's loud. I don't mind that, brings a smile to my face. The Tire profile on the rim is a but much for me, but that might be because it's orange (it's a 28 as well) which I'm sure will grow on me. I'm gonna run it for awhile, and let you know what I think in few weeks or more....