24 November, 2010

MASHSF: Pre-Order list, Cinelli Histogram Frameset

A no obligation pre-order list? Rad. The homies over at MASHSF, are creating a huge buzz with this. I hope everyone who signs up will buy their frameset, when it comes time too.

Info here

VcR Thanksgiving Race: Results

Hern threw the third installment of the VCR Thanksgiving Race, last night. About 15-20 racers braved the cold and rain to do some good for the food bank in Santa Monica/ Venice. You had to go to five different grocery stores on your manifest, picking up at least one item from each store. You had about an hour to do it in. There were winning categories for most weight, most items, and fastest. I know Justin got fastest, he only went to three stores, however I think everyone only went to three stores. there was not enough time to make to all five. Shannon got 1st girl. Myself? I got DFL. I followed some friends and we went to the wrong stores, that weren't on the manifest. So we just bought alot of weight in food and went to the end. Some how with all the penalties I got, I wound up with DFL, and walked away with a Livery 50t chain ring. Stoked. Link to the Results.

Octopus Caps

Hern threw a fun race yesterday, (more on that later) and one of left over prizes, that was up for grabs, (no body picked it, sad) was this Octopus Cap. Well you know me and hats... I swooped, and wore it to work today. I noticed that it was riding up on one side of my dome, when I was looking in the mirror. Flipped the cap inside out, to see if there was a stitch out, or something else. Bewm, Secret pocket.

I went on the site, to try to find out the scoop on the pocket, but alas no info.
Can anyone tell me more?