22 July, 2010

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: Cognition Caps

So this is the first of many Sponsor Profiles for "Lord of Griffith ll"

Cognition Caps, out of Madison, WI! These are, hands down the best under helmet or just Cycling Caps, I have ever come across. They look great, fit perfectly with a helmet. A Very comfy cap. The one that I own, I've had for well over a year, heavy use and it still looks brand new. (the whole reason why I approached them in the first place, a friend sent one to me before 'Lord l") I love it, it's one the of few cycling caps that I own, that gets the most props from non-riders as well as riders. This is the second year the homies at Cognition are sponsoring the "Lord Race" and I hope they stick with me every year. Please order one or come out and try to win one! Thanks Lyle and Kelly, you're the best!


A day out with Mårten from Boonphotography on Vimeo.

Sweden!!! So rad! Great edit. I'll be heading over there next year for my Cousin Andy's wedding!!! Then I'll be touring Sweden by Track bike, any takers?

Via Locked Cog