30 November, 2010

Korean Lunch

Kevin and Simon met for lunch today. It was a NJS power lunch.

Photo by Kevin

MASH Mud!!!

Garrett getting dirty.. I heard he was in LA this week, hopefully he cleaned up first.

Via Mash

Low End Theory podcast Episode 18: Nobody and Jon Wayne

I forgot to post this! So dope.

Get it here.

Death before Derailleur: Crewneck Sweatshirt

Remember these Posters awhile back? Well, now they're are back in Sweatshirt form. I love em. I've noticed a that the Fixed gear cycle of hate is back this winter, from random posts to garbage websites. The Cycle continues. Well, for those of you of who think a it's a huge trend, you're right. It has been, and it will be. We were saying this a more then a few years ago. If anything it doesn't look like its going away, when and if it does, then we'll all be able to collect parts and frames for really cheap, if not, then more people will be on bikes. Thats what really matters, more folks riding. Until then.... Just ride your fucking bikes, whatever they maybe.

Get your Pre-order on here.

Moe Straps

A little over a year my good friend Matt Lord, sent me this leather U lock holster from Seattle. It's from a company called "Moe Straps". I have always wanted a matching one, or another one. It's weathered very nicely, and still feels like it will last forever. I'm posting this, because, I'm trying to find out if they are still being made, I'm heading to Seattle for New Year's this year and want to meet up with who ever makes them and get another one. Internet searches, have yielded nada, and Matt hasn't seen these around in any shops, lately. So, Seattle if you have any info, let me know!

Banksy: Choose your Weapon

Need X-mas present ideas for that Banksy fan in your life? Well then get me this. I mean them...

Limited edition Banksy print from Pictures on walls, dropping in December.

Via the HighSnob