01 September, 2010

Friday just got real.

The Rider profiles are up. I am so stoked to be apart of this, and cannot wait til Friday. Big thanks to David, Rick and Tim, for filming my friends and I, while we were being stupid (and having fun) on our bikes.

World premiere

Eastside ride to it

Westside ride to it

Alleycat before

Street Drinkers rejoice!!!

Fucking sick... The Hops Holster from Fixpatrix... Brings new meaning to the phrase, "Lemme get won"

Via PC

Los Angeles BFF: Joyride: Sneakpeek

It starts off today. The Los Angeles BFF. I was Lucky enough last night to be invited down, to the Morono Kiang Gallery (beautiful gallery) for a sneak peek of tonight's art show. Got to visit with Brent, great to see you as always, I think this will be an epic week for LA, and I told Kelly you said Hi. The art is amazing, and the opening will be a blast as well as the whole BFF. Please come and show your support for all the hard work that was put into tonight, and the rest of the week. I did take some snapshots as a sneak peek, be sure to come check it live and direct tonight! There is a lot of local talent, a most of them being friends or homies of someone ya'll know. Be there.

Atomic Cycles

If you grew up in Alaska like myself and my sister or in Socal, You know who Cal Worthinton is. The best Lo-rent Commercials ever. Nice Spoof.

Atomic Cycles

Mission Workshops: The Shed: Update

So, I'm still rocking the bag. Putting it through it's paces. I thought I would update on the progress. (review coming soon) I really like this bag, probably one of the best messenger bags built, I do have some issues with it, but it's simple design flaws and things that could be added to make it a better bag. I will in another week or two write a full review. (BFF Starts today, hectic week) As you can see, I hauled 20 lbs of cat litter, laptop, clothes, shoes, and went to go pick my Moth Attack kit, while covering 12 miles in distance. The bag was great. More then great. Very well built. I will be carrying 30 lbs of cats food tomorrow in it, and expect no problems, at all. Bewm