18 October, 2010

Reload: Cats wearing T-shirts

While checking out pricing on custom bags, on various sites, (thinking about getting a custom TOLA! bag made) I came across this on the ReLoad site. CATS! I love these.


SVART KATT 2009 (The darkest Alleycat ever) from STAVFEL PRODUKTION on Vimeo.

I had forgot about this. Gotta say thanks to Zlog, for posting this. Freiburger, we gotta go do this. It's my blood. Lets raise hell. Zach, you want to join?

Juan has grown up

He got a road bike!
1987 Battaglin, Full Campy Athena Group. Sick looking in person, he got a great deal on it. Juan will be making Minor changes to bike, and I'm Stoked to see the final product. Great buy, my man. My turn is next.

Mellow Mondays on Trafik

Ace is starting a new weekly entry on Trafik's blog. Go check it out. Good shit, I love it.


Lil Wayne needs...

These are coming back. Our first stickers. Due to popular demand, we will be doing another run of these, plus some Tola! logo stickers. They will be for up sale, in the next week or two. In the mean time, while cleaning out my sticker box, I found a stack of the first run. Very limited quantities. To help off set our printing costs, we are selling them. Catch me in the street, I'll have for them on me for a buck a piece, or send a self-addressed envelope, with a dollar each to the address shown below. (classic selling style) Come and get your Tola! gear here!

Don't forget, we still got T-shirts, $15 bucks each.

225 N. Union #2
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Rider Profile: Colt Van Sky

This is the first of the Monday profiles. I wanted to Showcase the best of LA riders. Those unsung heroes of bike who I admire, and deserve a more then just a few moments in the sun. Some will be friends, some will be enemies, and some will be folks I see everyday riding, and I just want to know their story. First up, Colt! He is a really good friend of mine, and one the best dudes I know. Always down to ride, and has a huge smile on his face. It always makes me happy, to see him. I met Colt on Mellow Mondays, and grew to love the dude pretty fast. Solid rider, super fun to ride with, great skills. If you have never seen Colt bomb down a hill before, you are truly missing out, he kills hills, like no other. One of the best. Read on after the jump.