17 September, 2010

Black Daddy has a new website!

Check it out here. Justin is gonna go big this next year, I'm telling you. If you're gonna be at interbike, be sure to peep game, at his booth (Knice Clothing). Bring stickers, I heard there's a sticker wall or something at his jam...

Isn't one of those models, Simon the Beast?

MASH: Drag Race 2009

MASH Vegas Drag Race from MASH TRANSIT PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

This is from last year race. What a fun night of racing that was. This just got me really pumped for Interbike. TOLA! will be taking a road trip to Vegas and updating on all shit you are missing. Here's the flyers for the street races next week. So pumped!!!

Ronin Gallery: 2H, Tonight.

Go to this

Staple Hat

The Captains hat. As a fitted. Wish it was in black and gold, I like it anyway. If you couldn't tell by now I love hats. Send me some.