01 December, 2010

iMiNUSD: One Year Anniversary Trick Comp

With over $3000 dollars worth of prizes to win, LA better be up in that mug. Bring home the gold boys. LAB team, I'm looking at you.

The Chari & Outlier: Chalk Stripe Overshirt

Another banger from the guys at Outlier. Teams up with Chari & co, to create a good looking riding shirt. I want one for Xmas! Hint Hint!!!

Get it here.

Bicycle Coffee Company

Bicycle Coffee Company from Nick Kova on Vimeo.

Homies! I'll be having some of this coffee this weekend!

(I thought they only had beer at Mission Workshop)

Chrome: Free Shipping and Free Gloves

Spend over $50 bucks at Chrome and get free shipping and a free pair of Chrome wool military gloves. Pretty good deal.

Shop Meow.

Tigers Tees

I have seen these twice today, and put in my own request for one. Best Polo shirt ever.

Tiger Tees

Pushing North

..pushing north (Extended Trailer) from Marcus Johannes on Vimeo.

Florida to Fairbanks, AK... 89 days. Wow. That is a journey by bike. I'm from Alaska, and most of time you just hated driving from Anchorage to Fairbanks, that's not even half of the state. Then you add in the the East coast/ midwest run just to get to Canada, before you even make to AK. I'm really excited to see this. Touring like this has been heavily on my mind lately.



Josh visited the shop, Ace took some photos!

Check out it at O20

Prolly swooped it first, I had to re-post to make sure the Sleepers got some love.

Allison Diaz - “Haunted Mirrors”

Really Awesome Photo project!!