26 February, 2010

N.A.H.B.S - DAY 1, PHOTOS!!!!!!!

Shimano North American Handmade Bicycle Show - Richmond, Virginia. I am so jealous right now. SOOO MUCH PORN IT'S LIKE THE AVN FOR BIKES!!! .. I really wish I could have made it out.... Photos by, john murden see his whole set here

L'Eroica 2009

I have been wanting to go this for sometime....
Looks like so much fun, and just a great adventure.
2011 anyone?

-Sean Martin

Ummm.... What?

These are the cleanest looking bike polo players ever...
I guess we have reached the tipping point or have gonna past it.
If these are anyones homies, they look cute. haha

Mad hectic

-Sean Martin

Wolfpack hustle Los Angeles Marathon crash race

It's a little early to be posting this, but get your legs ready for this one....
Some real heavy hitters are coming out for this......
John the roadie, I'm coming for that ass.... hahaha

-Sean Martin

25 February, 2010

East & West Smash Up... This Sunday!!!

Another race brought by us and our homie Beaver!! There will be bbq/party at the park once the race is done, so if you're not racing come kick it will us. BEWM!

-Sean Martin


Brighter OFFICIAL TRAILER from New Wave Cinema on Vimeo.

From the co-visionary of the underground cult classic Stripped, the online web series Stund, and a past editor for Freeride Entertainment, Tamas Forde/New Wave Cinema is delivering this spring exactly what you've been missing: A feel good, pro quality film...that won’t break the bank. We believe in giving good deals, and that's all there is to it. Shot in pristine hi definition and 35mm d.o.f, Brighter features some of the world's best riders, shredding and sending it for their love of riding bikes.

Mini Bike Winter Olympics | 2010

Mini Bike Winter | 2010 from Richie Thomassen on Vimeo.

Cool Video from up in Portland.. that Ben Hurt Event looks SOOOO Epic!!!!!

A yearly 2 day bicycling event full of F.U.N., activities, partying, and biking brought to you by Zoobomb in Portland. Mini Bike Winter is the staple of crazy bicycling entertainment which keeps everyone warm with laughter and...well, beer. It's an open invite event and free to all.


Shot/Cut by Richie Thomassen
2nd unit Camera Op - Molly Spock
Additional Footage - Hal Bergman


SATURDAY MARCH 6TH .Eugene's King of the Hill track bike invite (no brakes allow sucka's)
Race start time 12 noon sharp location the polo fields San francisco ca entry fee $5.00 top three take all,but not really.
6 check points through out San francisco the first to make it up the hill is the king.Lots of cool prizes to be handed out.

Bobby McMullen

I love my friends blog Go means Go. He really puts out some solid jems on his blog.
This another one. The most amazing and inspiring video I have seen in awhile...
Get out and ride your bike after watching this, if it doesn't make you want to ride, I don't what else will.

Sorry Ryan for the double swoop today, but I had to share this one.

Thanks Man.

-Sean Martin


New shirts from partybots!!! That looks like a tarck bike step through frame.... New steez for the new year?

get it here

seen at go means go

-Sean Martin

24 February, 2010


Ignition from Sara Kinney on Vimeo.

This so sick....

-Sean Martin

DJ Muggs x UNDFTD Commercial

UNDFTD commercial, dope!!!

-Sean Martin

Doneri D7

D7 from Doneri_YMD on Vimeo.

Pretty ill. Dope lil edit, Japan killin it....

-Sean Martin

23 February, 2010


Location: LONG BEACH, CA at Bixby Park (Cherry & Ocean)

Date: 3/13/2010

Time: Starts around 12PM

Alley Cat
Poker style

Trick Competition
Ramps and Fun Boxes
Jam sesh and best trick


Revoked Video Premier

Each event is $5 to enter and the entry fee will be the
cash pot won for each event including prizes.

There will also be a top overall winner that places best
over all three competitions.

Also free games foot down, track stand, ect. at Cherry Park
that will also have prizes given away.

There will be a Music (JAPSON-FTW and more) BBQ all day

The Clink Room x New ERA Clearwater Threshers

This hat is sick. The concept design is rad, it's from the Clearwater Threshers, Class ‘A’ Minor League Affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. But the banger is the cork underside of the brim. So sick. I want it. Plus they are limited to 150 hats. Each numbered: 33/150, 45/150 etc... you get the idea, sick.

get it at The Clinkroom

-Sean Martin

Stussy 30th Anniversary Carabiner

I'm always looking for new things to hang off my belt or belt loops that serve a function. (makes me feel like batman)
I really like the look of the 30th Anniversary Carabiner from Stussy, it's one for you bring out for the nicer events you have to attend.
Add a touch of class to your keys or lights or whatever you choose to hang off of it.

get it here

via hypebeast

-Sean Martin

22 February, 2010

fish n Chips Mind the crap

Dope lil edit from our lil homie "bageslsworth" haha

From LAB

-Sean Martin


John Prolly ( BTW a SUPER NICE GUY)was out here for the Mishka LA Store opening and we went on a nice Saturday ride together.. Juan didn't get many pics, but here is a couple..

Steven Jensen

Untitled from steven jensen on Vimeo.

This one has really made the rounds in the last few days. Ya'll must know by now, I moved here (LA) from Seattle, so any time I get to show the homies some love, I'm gonna show em some love. Dope lil edit, I expect this kid to get some team some time very soon....

-Sean Martin

Joel Weston killin it.

Joel Weston | Leader Bike USA from Justin Gallagher on Vimeo.

God damn. Smooth.

-Sean Martin

19 February, 2010

TOLA! Presents : Bridging the Gap VOL.1

Bridging the Gap Vol.1 from Joseph Lobato on Vimeo.

This is the First Video in a series of videos I am doing entitled "Bridging the Gap" featuring Riders from Los Angeles and her surrounding cities. In this first chapter we are featuring 23yr old BMX / Fixed rider, Hernan Montenegro.. ENJOY!!!


Need I say more....

-Sean Martin

18 February, 2010

Stairways to heaven the movie.

I cannot say enough about this.... thanks to The bicinity for coming out to film our race. Joe and I feel really blessed that our first race as TOLA! was captured like this. You guys did an amazing job, and the premiere was a very fun night... Hit the link to watch this, it's really good.


-Sean Martin

The Eastside of LA on a sunny day

The East Side of Los Angeles on a Sunny Day from clark vogeler on Vimeo.

A friend posted this on facebook and I just had to share it... It really captures what I love about LA, (the eastside) and leaves a warm feeling inside when you're done watching it. Now I'm gonna go ride around...

Thanks Meagan.

-Sean Martin

mishka Los Angeles opening

Saturday Night!!! Go to the store in echo park (7-9pm 1547 echo park blvd), then come party at the Three clubs later that night...


Via prolly

-Sean Martin

Behind the scenes at Leader photo shoot...

Leader Bike Warehouse shoot for Fixé from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.

I like this.

-Sean Martin

17 February, 2010

Kinetics x Columbia Faraday jacket

Well, shit. Now that winter is over in So Cal, I really don't have a need for jacket like this. (it's been 80+ outside for the last few days) But, if I lived somewhere's else, I would rock the shit out this. I'm really digging the purple lately, and the multi-colored highlights are sick. Good work from Kinetics and Columbia.

get it here

via hypebeast

-Sean Martin

Lomography Gallery Store LA Grand Opening Party!

Tomorrow, feb 18th, Lomography Gallery Store grand opening! Come get food and booze, party at the opening!!
But space is limited so... RSVP to shopla@lomography.com

These are the deets so you can get some knowledge

Lomography Gallery Store LA
7998 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90049

-Sean Martin

16 February, 2010

Low End Theory podcast episode 12

Ummmm..... damn. Kind of weird cover this month, we just had one of our close homies get hit pretty bad just a few days ago, and he loves The Low End Theory. I love you Anthony, heal up quick, playboy! So glad you're okay for the most part!!! Take some meds (you know the kind) and listen to this shit...

Get it here

-Sean Martin

Palms Cycle "Cold Heat"

Checkpoint race this Sunday at Palms Cycle....
I heard a frame is up for grabs for first place...
Dope flyer, just a more readable handstyle would be nice for the info...
BBQ and party during and after for the web launch of the shop site...

-Sean Martin


hellCat from Lajalousie on Vimeo.

Again, with another dope teaser... Who wants to go with me?

-Sean Martin

14 February, 2010

Mishka Los Angeles

This Saturday, Mishka will be opening their very own store in our very own Echo Park neighborhood...
I'm pretty stoked on this, it'll be nice to have some new blood in the neighborhood, and I won't go over to the westside
as much to get fly gear. Come out to support the boys from NYC and hang out with us. I wonder if Prolly is coming down?

Via Prolly

-Sean Martin

cult classic 2 edit

Cult Classic 2 from Marcs CVFG on Vimeo.

Looks like it was alot of fun... Read more and get the results at DNAfixedgear
Good to see some LA heads representing, nice work to our boy Michael from StykerLA!

-Sean Martin

Hern wins unholy sheep shit

Hern wins!!! What a fun race, it was 15 mile course through Elysian park and Griffith park ending at black metal polo game. There were 4 checkpoints (actually 5, but some dick ripped one down) each checkpoint had a piece of orange paper with a Chrome Aces playing card glued to it. You had to stop and write down the the number and suit of the card before moving on. I.E. 2 of hearts.
Hern won... as per usual. Good work homie!!! Myself? I got DFL, I had a equipment malfunction and came in last. Sad. Look for a review in the future...

Photos by Andrew bushe

-Sean Martin

The Grime

WELCOME TO GRIME ST from Mike Schmitt on Vimeo.

New clothing line from Wonka, Torey, Joey Krillz and Mike from Richmondfixed.

A crazy edit, with some... well watch it and love it.

via prolly

-Sean Martin

12 February, 2010

Franks chop shop: Blackout blade

I love the Chop Shop, all of their hats are pretty dope. The Blackout blade is not one to sleep on. Sticking with their signature razor blade, and blacking it out, the updated version comes with a mini 151 chop shop blade chain in metal. Dope.
You cop it at selected accounts in june.

Via strictlyfitteds

-Sean Martin

11 February, 2010

Tokyo to Osaka: Junkan part 1 & 2

JUNKUN Part 1 of 2 from GOOD.is on Vimeo.

JUNKAN Part 2 of 2 from GOOD.is on Vimeo.

I am so jealous of this trip, these are the kind things I want to do with my friends. It's awesome to see my homies faces in these videos and get the first hand accounts of their journey in person. Next time ya'll better invite me...

videos from LAFIXED.


-Sean Martin

Night sesh!

night sesh from Beaver on Vimeo.

A little edit from our homie Beaver!
With our pals George, Fish n chips and Joey!

-Sean Martin

10 February, 2010

Chubby Boob presents: Don't tag on our shit, or you will get dealt with.

So, just to recap the race and afterparty from last Saturday...
Tracko (kyle) Won... Congrats!
Griffith park was flooded and a mess of mud and dirt and filth...
I had so much fun racing this, thanks ACE!
And this idiot in the photo tagged on the Chubby Boob Nerd Crew cop car...

Video, and photos here CBNC Represent!

-Sean Martin

SJF Alleycat/The First Date: Saturday February 13, 2010

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Registration at 12:00pm @ iMiNUSD
Race: 1:00pm / Trick Comp: 4:30pm

-Prizes for top placing guys & girls
-Bag and lock optional
-Everyone can finish this one
-This is not a team race, race by yourself/in a group/with your pet. JUST RACE
-If you're coming and on facebook, here's the fb event link

09 February, 2010

Unholy Sheep Shit 2010

Bewm, another race this week. Some good looking Sponsors, I hope one of those new Transient messenger bags will be in the prize pile... hint hint, homie!

-Sean Martin

08 February, 2010

Flying Coffin 5 panels

Flying Coffin hits us with a dope set of polka-dot 5 panels in white, purple, glow and reflective.
I wonder if the homie zlog had anything to do with Reflective jam...

Good work Seattle!

-Sean Martin

700CMX.com photo contest

Get the deets here

-Sean Martin

07 February, 2010

Derail ur Love Feb. 12th 2010

Right now, there's a lot of trick comps going on around the states... not that there's anything wrong with that, but lets not forget where this started from. I love the fact that Los Angeles is throwing a lot of races. We have a race every weekend for the next few months. First on the menu, Derail ur love, hosted by DTLA's finest, an all girls race...
Get ready ladies, I know there is some big prizes up for grabs...

-Sean Martin

06 February, 2010

Future Tense Feb. 12th

Bewm. Of these days we're gonna come up for this, (at least for the race part)

Keep it up Seattle!

From the Zlog

-Sean Martin

05 February, 2010


Death Pedal 2 Trailer by Kareem Shehab from Killa Kareem on Vimeo.

Zlog Crew Reppin!!

Its Always Raining In Seattle from Justinavenue on Vimeo.

Here is nice Some nice lines by our buddies from Zlog Crew. Justin Av and a few by Kevin MWA.

Chubby Boob presents: Call of the wild!!! RACE AND ART SHOW



BAPE Messenger bags...

I really don't know what to say about this one... BAPE getting into the game is very interesting. I would probably rock one, (Nigo? You got a guy here willing to test these out for real) I just assume that the pricepoint on these bags will be crazy and you'll only see these bags out on a very sunny day every once and while. I would keep this on ice, if I owned one and just bring it out for those days when you want to rock a heater...

via hypebeast

-Sean Martin


Holy shit, come to La Cita 2/10/10 and see RAD! We'll be there and you better
come. (I'm talking to all those guys who go to Low End Theory that night, this is at 6pm so you got plenty of time) I love this movie, best soundtrack ever.

-Sean Martin

04 February, 2010

Coldcat 2010 alleycat

An alleycat in Macon, GA. Nice sponsors, guys. Good luck to all the racers!

-Sean Martin


Michael Chacon from Stryker LA on Vimeo.

Here is quick Lil' Video by our pals at Styker LA and one of their riders "Spinmaster" Michael Chacon.Peep the ZLOG hat? I would really like to see this guy start huckin' himself off shit.
Also, Why you gotta reverse the end??? in the words of my buddy Simonthebeast, you get a "Meh" for that move..

Our boy Ace, the male model.

Damn what good looking hat, ( the hatfield )and a even better looking model.

From the tracko. Swoop it there too!!!!!

also peep here... Fame!!!

-Sean Martin

Encino Velodrome Poster contest winner!


Encino Veoldrome had a design a poster contest for a race called "The Fast. The Slow, and The Ugly" last month.
Guess who won? TOLA!"s own, Joe Bazuka!!! Congrats my man, good work! I love the poster, so simple and really captures
the feel of the Encino Velo.

They also Made a Shirt for it!

-Sean Martin

03 February, 2010

Keep your $$$$ Bike Safe Vol. 1

Ok, so I was Lurking on SFFIXED, and I saw this post and wanted to share it with you. If your as crazy and paranoid as I am, then you check on your bike every 15min when it's locked up. I am about to try this, I'll let you know how it goes. If you do, let me know....

from sffixed user: yellicinellijohn
you can do this to any bolt, i have them in my stem bolt, seatpost binder bolt and i'm putting one in the bolt that holds the saddle onto the post.

Want to learn how? then

02 February, 2010


I just learned a lesson in the ol' "Dont get caught sleepin" rule. I slept on putting this up and someone else got it up first aka PROLLY. get those videos in people!! Sean, you are looking good in that photo!

Bridgetown Hustle - Portland Or.

Ok, now that's a list of sponsors..
More info here-->http://backyardblam.blogspot.com/

from pc


WRAHW Exclusive: Gus Molina from Torey Thornton on Vimeo.

West Coast Represent!

Hella Tight - Helps Haiti

Our favorite hat co. HELLA TIGHT is donating proceeds from their sales to the Haiti relief fund.. Make sure you get over to their online shop and get something..

Swatch artist series watches

Alright this is for my homegirl Sage up in alaska. She loves Swatch watches, and will never pass a good ebay deal for a pack of these things. I never rock a watch but I understand the love for Swatch, it brings back good childhood memories, (parker louis can't lose, rocking like four of them at once) they look good and are a conversation piece.

So Sage, get these Swatch watches from Gary Card, David Benedek and Carrie Munden.
They are exclusively available at colette until February 15th.

-Sean Martin

Boulder Revival premiere

Revival Premiere Trick Jam from Coastless Clothing on Vimeo.

What a dope edit, wish there was more footy of the velo. That place looks like so much fun, road trip?
Hopefully the next Revival post that we do will be the LA premiere!

via lockedcog

-Sean Martin

HUF fitted Cap

Good looking pinstripe cap from HUF. I think I wanna try rocking a lil bit more red this year...
Not out yet but coming soon...

-Sean Martin

01 February, 2010


Photos by The sleepers. check em HERE
Wild Night at the screening.. guys in underwear, beers, goldspints and a movie.. What more could you want?? no homo..
Big up to ricardo and Victor of the Bicinity and everyone that made it out..

EDIT: the video was submitted to the BFF!! so It won't be up online anytime soon..