18 December, 2009

SWAP Sample Sale Tomorrow

Check out all the brands, but especially our friends Beautiful Decay, Chubby Boob, and Kvtters.

Wolfpack all city race 2 teaser

Wolfpack All City Team Race 2 TEASER from Bicykiller on Vimeo.

This is old news, but a friend posted it on FB, and got me thinking about the race this past year. Plus, who's that sexy bearded fellow in the first Minute?It's our own killa kyle! Seems like this teaser has everyone I know in it, my question is where is the footage from all-city 3?


Good god, I want these... What a dope color choice for such a classic shoe. You know all ya'll rocked the black and whites at least once or twice in your life...

Look out for these at adidas Originals stores.

Subrosa | Miles Rogoish Edit

Miles Rogoish- Subrosa from Subrosa Brand on Vimeo.