05 May, 2011

Chubby Boob: In stock at...

City Grounds in LBC and Crooks Skate shop in Riverside!

Nerd Crew!!!

I Love My Bike Book: Now Shipping!

Rad! Mine comes Friday! I'll update with photo's next week! Until then order from Chronicle Books Here!

Here's a little write on the book from Chronicle:

"I Love my Bike

Cycling is about joy. Sure, it takes willpower, strength, and grit, but at its core, being on a bike is all about rejoicing in the greatest transportational invention in history. I Love My Bike is a photographic celebration of the grand kinship of bicycles, a bond shared by millions of people around the world. This distinctive and affordable coffee table book for cyclists collects the best of the stories, photographs, and bicycles encountered by the authors during numerous cross-country photo-journaling trips. Readers will meet longtime messengers and hardcore roadies, casual commuters and weekend day-trippers, tattoo artists and skateboarders, bike builders and first-time owners—all of them in love with their two-wheeled contraptions. With gorgeous full-color photos on every spread, I Love My Bike delivers the trifecta of awesome for any cyclist: cool people, cool photos, and really, really cool bikes.

Matt Finkle is a photographer and cycling enthusiast. He lives and rides in Boston, Massachusetts.

Brittain Sullivan is a creative writer and bicycle collector. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts."

Tracko, and Prolly Visit LOW

I had the pleasure of riding Chas's Low frame around for a minute this past weekend in SF. I feel in love.
Beaver and I wanted to go see the shop, but I screwed around and ran out of time. Tracko and Prolly,
both made seperate trips to the builder. Check out theirs posts. LOW is making quality frames in SF!
I'm heading up in two weeks and will be making my visit to LOW, where I will be putting in my order for one.
Yes, they are that dope.

1st Photo Tarcko

2nd Photo Prorry