04 February, 2010

Coldcat 2010 alleycat

An alleycat in Macon, GA. Nice sponsors, guys. Good luck to all the racers!

-Sean Martin


Michael Chacon from Stryker LA on Vimeo.

Here is quick Lil' Video by our pals at Styker LA and one of their riders "Spinmaster" Michael Chacon.Peep the ZLOG hat? I would really like to see this guy start huckin' himself off shit.
Also, Why you gotta reverse the end??? in the words of my buddy Simonthebeast, you get a "Meh" for that move..

Our boy Ace, the male model.

Damn what good looking hat, ( the hatfield )and a even better looking model.

From the tracko. Swoop it there too!!!!!

also peep here... Fame!!!

-Sean Martin

Encino Velodrome Poster contest winner!


Encino Veoldrome had a design a poster contest for a race called "The Fast. The Slow, and The Ugly" last month.
Guess who won? TOLA!"s own, Joe Bazuka!!! Congrats my man, good work! I love the poster, so simple and really captures
the feel of the Encino Velo.

They also Made a Shirt for it!

-Sean Martin