15 November, 2010

Un Giro di Sporco Sud

Un Giro di Sporco Sud - The Film from Martin Lang on Vimeo.

This stokes me out. My moms country, people racing through my families hometowns. I can't wait til I get to ride there next year. Maybe I could time it, so I can do this?

Rider Profile: Jacques Le Bewm

Joe. My TOLA! Partner. He lives in SF now, running game up there. Making a name for himself, I'm proud of my dude. It's hard to move to another city, and start over fresh, he's doing a good job of it. Thanks for this past weekend, it was the best. I'll see you soon. Read on after the jump.

Back From SF

We back. What a fun trip. Big thanks to Joe for putting us up and putting up with us. Thanks to Mick and Jenny for driving, so super good jobs dudes! Thanks to the SF family for making us feel so welcome, you'll see us again in a less then a month, with more of us. Watch out. Thanks to Greg for eating so much damn food. I would be posting a ton of shit rght now, but I forgot my camera bag in Jenny's car. Crap. It'll be a full day tomorrow.

Thanks SF, I miss you.