09 March, 2010

Easy as Pie Alleycat

Boston Alleycat! Looks like fun and really good sponsors... Race hard, but race safe!

Riders Way double straps

So, about two months ago I reviewed the Livery double straps, and it was a bit premature. I should have rode them for a lil longer before writing a review. While I really liked them and they did hold up under normal ridin use (which I recommend them for) they didn't hold up under race conditions. I raced for three weekends in a row with the Livery straps, and switched them onto a different set of pedals. On third race, in the front pack, bombing a hill, went to speed check and one side snapped, then went to skid, and the other side snapped.

Pretty dangerous for that to happen during race time, and a little hairy. Afterwards, I spoke to the guys at Livery about the breakage, and they had said that were getting reports of the same thing happening, under real stressful conditions, and were getting the design flaw changed. Just a few days later I ran into my homie Kevin at StrykerLA and told him what had happened, at which point he asked me to test out (and said I would love these) his Riders Way double straps.