07 June, 2011

Sightings: Griffith Park

Sightings: Griffith Park from The Bicinity on Vimeo.

Amazing Edit from this Year's LOG lll. Really captured what the racers are going through during this race.
It's awesome that first edit from LOG lll this past Sunday is from from our friends at the Bicinity.
They came out and filmed our first Race as TOLA! "Stairways to Heaven'. I had no idea they were out in the park on Sunday filming.
Came home to email from Ricardo, very nice surprise.

Thanks guys, solid work again. Really well done.

Lord of Griffith: The OG edit.

I feel so blessed to have the first race I ever threw, captured in such a rad edit.
It was a blast screening this on Sunday after the LOG lll. Damn, I made it easy for the
racers that first year. Hahaha! Big thanks to Trafik for filming the first year and supporting
us through these last few years. Go buy the DVD when it drops on 6/21/11!

Mission Workshop: Sanction Rucksack

Wow, just when I thought Mission had the Backpack market sowed up, they drop this.
The Sanction Rucksack. A day bag for the city. Looks perfect for those times when you
want to look professional, yet still with an urban edge. I must see this in person.
Stop making such dope bags!

The Sanction is a compact weatherproof rucksack designed to hold the daily essentials.
Built to last a lifetime with waterproof fabrics and military spec. construction.

The Sanction also features multiple weatherproof compartments, urethane coated zippers,
waterproof materials, and an internal frame sheet. Large zippered pocket fits laptop computers,
such as the 15in MacBook Pro, 13in MacBook Air, or iPad. Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.

Dimensions 12'' x 18'' x 7''
Volume 1,000 cu.in. / 16 Liters
Weight 2.6 lbs / 1.2 Kg

SF / CPH / 48hrs

SF / CPH / 48hrs from sofus francisco on Vimeo.

I spied this over at Prolly's jam. SofusFrancisco. I'm heading over to several cities in Sweden/ Greece (family visits
and my cousin is getting married), and hopefully get a day or in Copenhagen.

I emailed these guys and a few other shops (building contacts),
but if anyone has connections in any of those countries to great shops/ builders/ riders, hook it up!

I'll be heading over mid July til Sometime in August...

Ace goes up the road...

My dude.

Another great photo by Devon from this past weekend.


Machines hooked me up with a new tanktop this past weekend, and they were sponsors of
Lord of Griffith lll. I'm a child of the 80's and Robotech, Transformers, Rifts, Terminator, Cyborg, Go-bots,
were my bread and butter. Machines reminds me of that. Robots, industry, mechanized warriors.
Love it. Plus it has cycling owners and designers. You can't beat that.

Get some here!

One and two...

More great photos of LOG lll from my homeboy Devon. JTR and Jon B. on the crest of their final lap...

Check out the rest here!

Yanco & Tracko: Denim Workmen's Cap

Another Purchase I made this weekend, was a Denim Workmen's Cap. Black Denim!
I can't wait for this to break in, it's gonna look good, used and abused. Best hats ever.

GSC: Gift Certificate Purchase

I went and spent my GSC Gift Certificate on Friday. I got Some Cadence bar wrap for the roadie,
a Yanco & Tracko Ramblin' Roll, and a " I beer LA" T-shirt!

Once I figure out what to carry in (might not use it as toll roll) and get some use out of the Ramblin' Roll,
I'll do a lil' write up on it...

In the mean time go check out the shop and spend some dough!