16 February, 2011

Native SS11 Photoshoot

Native SS11 Photoshoot from Native Shoes on Vimeo.

The home girl Jen from the BFF, is all up in here. Good look for you girl!

Via Prolly

Native Shoes

Cadence: Classic Seattle

keyword from cadence studios on Vimeo.

This was a secret video a few years ago, that Dustin shared with the friends of Cadence. He has released it again for the world to see. I'm happy he did. It really makes me miss Seattle, and the rain we are having in LA right now, is making want to take a trip up north with my bike. Great footage of a time long forgotten... LOL.

Kinfolk Studios NYC Open House & Premiere Exhibition

The Homies at Kinfolk are opening the NYC studios to a Open House and Premiere Exhibition. Which will lead into the opening of the Kinfolk Bar & Lounge later this year! So cool! When do we get one in LA?

Via the Kinfolk Blog

EDC in my bag.

Someone asked me the other day, "What do you carry on a normal day in your bag?". So this is my basic EDC (Every Day Carry) on my commute to work, and what is always in my bag.

Camera USB
ipod USB
TOLA Pins/ Stickers
Allen Wrenches
15mm Ice Toolz wrench
Tire Levers
Patch Kits
Bike Map of LA
Reload Tool Bag (which holds most of these items)

Of course, I carry a Laptop to work and my Camera, along with work clothes, but the items listed are what it always in my bag, no matter what I am doing.

TOLA Stickers

LAB had a surprise for me yesterday. Vinyl Cut Stickers! A limited run, so you're gonna have to catch me in the streets, if you want one. Have no fear, I will be getting a lot more in the future. Thanks to LAB!

Looks sick!