02 December, 2010

Study Footwear: Fixed Gear Riding shoe

I really want to know more about these. Super low key looking, looks like a great shape, just wondering how they hold up to hard riding. Looks good for the fashion set, but will they last while shredding? I'm on the hunt, keep you posted.

Study Footwear
I heard that these drop in spring?

Pake: Ukiah Risers

These look rad.

Deets from Pake
BMX-inspired! They come in black, white and chrome.. Tange CrMo steel: most excellent for harder riding. 560mm wide-if you dig narrower bars just trim them down. Hella comfortable, 65mm rise.

Get at your LBS or here.

Busyman Bicycles

I saw this over at Milano Fixed, and followed the link. Holy Crap, I want this guy to do something for me. Pretty sick work. Looks really well made. More Samples of his saddle work and Links after the jump.

Good Luck in Austin John!

Our good friend and Blog Big Brother Prolly is flying south for the winter, and we want to wish him good luck in his travels. Don't be scared John, you'll do fine. It's only Texas. Maybe next winter, you'll come to LA?

-Sean and Joe

Mitchell and Ness: Los Angeles Raiders

I haven't posted a fitted on the blog, in quite some time. (I leave those for the FB page) I thought this one was worth a post.
Mitchell and Ness have re-released their LA Raiders fitted. It has sold out twice, and may never come out again. Jump on it. I did.

You can only get it here.