17 December, 2010

Fortune 700

Fortune 700 Circuit Race & TTT Fall Edition from GlockWork on Vimeo.

LA races! Nice edit! Keep your eyes out, we've got alot planned for you guys in the 2011. We're gonna start the New Year off with a bang.

Bicycle Repair Man

Have a good weekend!

Yellow Card Magnet

So fucking cool. I'm gonna make these. So many times, I have need one of these. Yes, it's fun to kick in lights or slap windows or dent cars with ulocks. However, this is a little better way to get your point across and it makes them think. Being destuctive is great and all, I just think, we all need to realize we are representing every other cyclist on the road, with our actions.

Get the pdf of Peter Miller's amazing idea here and get the scoop on it!

21st Avenue Bicycles

21st Avenue Bicycles Sneak Preview from James Wilson on Vimeo.

21st Avenue Bicycles - Dedicated To Making It Awesome! from James Wilson on Vimeo.

How did I miss these? So rad. PDX!

Tour of Singapore 2010

Tour of Singapore 2010 from duraath on Vimeo.

In the Year 2011, we will be doing shit like this. More tour videos from the states, not just fixed tours, road bikes, bmx, etc...

This looked like fun, saw some Zlog t-shirt love in there.

Good Wood NYC

Got myself some Xmas Presents in mail yesterday. Two new pieces to add to my Good Wood collection. It's been awhile since I have ordered from them, I always love getting these packages. The best conversation starters, ever. My Cat Head piece, gets the heads turning. Love em.

Check out all their designs here!

Burro Bags: 2010 Artist Series

The homies over at Burro Bags sent us links to their Flickr, from their third annual art show. Great looking bags, that are for sale! Want!

Swoop on the bags here!

Here's the recap of the show.

This weekend.