15 April, 2011

Fixed, And Two?

Yes, after the awesome first issue, they are looking ahead to issue two. Contribute!

Cadence: Spring Cleaning

Get some!

What I did last night...

Opened a bike shop in my house!

Continental Tires: GP Attack & Force

New road tire day! Threw these on my Felt F15. Amazing. I'm in love.

Takeover ll

The Takeover ll.

Be at LAB at 11am, race starts at 12 sharp. Juan is throwing it, so you know he ain't gonna wait for nobody.

Stanridge Speed Bicycles: The HighStreet: My first day

Hot damn. It came last night. I built it up, but couldn't really take it for a spin. Until this morning...

Last Men Riding

DTLA's Finest.

Los Angeles Screening