14 July, 2010

Get ready

Photo by Tyler Durden.

It's coming.


Really? This is what is happening now... Damn, I am blown away... but why that frame?

Via Milano Fixed

Just a discussion starter

This has already made the rounds... It's funny how fast shit flys on teh interwebs. Really though, I don't care about this anymore, LAB is about to host an amazing weekend of FGFS, Street racing, BBQ's, our Movie preview, and all of us with be in attendance. Internet blog Celebrities, Street racers, Trick gods, Normal everyday riders, all hanging out having a blast. Be there and let all this bullshit go. You ride a bike? Cool with me.

Via Beaver, Via PC, from SFGFC

Paul Smith Courier Bag x Rapha

Pretty ill, but is it functional and how much? This is one of those, from the bike to the boardroom bags, probably wouldn't hold up under everyday use... Good looking bag though.


Chubby boob Summer Games: Updated Flyer

I can't wait for this.

Here's the Deets from My Homeboy Ace, Via His Blog The Sleepers (which you should be following)

LAB was kind enough to include us in the
SUMMER FIX event which is a weekend full of
celebrating how much fun we can have on two wheels.

Three Stages!

1st- Meet at Fern Dell Entrance, mass start at
Fern Dell and Los Feliz to PEAK of Mt. Hollywood

2nd- Peak of Mt. Hollywood Drive to Griffith
Park Drive Gate.

3rd- 3 lap criterium around Travel Town/Golf Course.

There will be 10 minute breaks between races to allow
for gear changes at the top (if you have to). 10 minutes
start after last racer finishes. (the faster you are,
the more time you have to recuperate).

We need volunteers at so please send me a message if you
would like to lend a hand.

Should be a fun race. Let's show these out of towners a
good time at the Summer Fix event being thrown by LAB!

Course can be seen here.

CBNC Represent.