29 March, 2011

Oh, Canada...

Saw this over at Zlog. I have been to a couple of the Westside invites and it's a good time. Who wants to go up,
to Canada in May?

Deets from WCU Blog
The first annual West Coast Unvitational; a west coast bike messenger event in Vancouver, BC. This event is to commemorate the 10 year running of the Westside Invite held in Portland, OR from 2000-2010. We started the event in hopes that it can travel to a different West Coast city every year. Let’s get this rolling.


Pretty great video, awsome message, and very lovely music.

Thanks for the heads up Angel!

Devin Tolman: A Day in the Life

Devin Tolman: A Day in the Life from Jerry Gnarcia on Vimeo.

More edits like this. Please.

25 Years Later: A RADrospective

25 Years Later: A RADrospective from Marc Dewey on Vimeo.


Seen at Tracko

Sound.Wavs: Week Deux

Here's a great photo re-cap by the Boogie Monster. I got say, if you ain't making out to Sound.Wavs, you are a sad,
sad, sad person. It's a game changer, and it's only gonna get bigger. We feel blessed by the response we are getting, and
want to say thank you everyone who has supported us from the beginning, and to the all the new faces
coming through each week. It's getting crazy large. See you on the 9th of April for the next one.

*Photo by Ace, go check out the rest!

Return of the Viking

Return of the Viking from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Oh snap, Prolly does ride bikes... LOL. Nice work John, I'll be seeing you soon, in SF!

TOLA x First Impressions: Pant Guard

Got those Pant Guards from Japan in the mail yesterday. Quaility craftsmanship. Pretty comfy, when worn. Keeps the chain
off your pants, no need to roll one leg up. One lucky reader, will get one. Gotta come up with a contest...
I think I'll be hiding it somewhere in the city...