30 September, 2010

Fortune 700


Great edit, can't wait for part two of this race.

Who's going to Hawaii?

So rad, keeps on moving forward!


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The best night of Interbike, was Thursday night. Why? Because we got to go to a private showing of the new Cadence Collection in a hotel suite in the Hard rock Hotel. This is gonna so good once it drops, I really want a pair of the new denim jeans, the windbreakers, and Hoodies are killing it. A pair of Cadence Glasses would be nice as well. Not only was it about the collection, it was also about about hanging out and having fun. If you have never had the chance to meet Dustin in person, please go to the Fast Friday Finals in SF, this weekend. Tell him I said hi! One of the best dudes around.

Chubby Boob: Seal Capsule pack

New shit! Seal Capsule Pack, which features a hoody, tee, and tote set with matching hand-screened serial numbers, making every set unique! So dope. It's a sneak Peek, so stay tuned.

DownLoad the Chubby Boob Anthem, here! By Nine30 (happy Bday homeboy)

Chubby Boob

ThickSlick: The Biz.

Alright, lets talk about Thickslicks. I love em. Just ended my first one two days ago. The perfect mix between an Everwear and a Rando. I was a fan of both of tires. Everwear for how long they lasted (but hated the sidewall breakdown), and Randos, well, cause they're Randos. Thickslicks have won my heart, due to the pricepoint, and how long they last. I ran this tire for about two and half months, if I had been a little more proactive about rotating it, it probably would have lasted a little longer. Great stopping power for a slick, (amazing in fact) great speed, and control while skidding. I bought two this go around, one for each whip. As you can see just before threading pops up, there's this great blue warning line that appears, but get ready to switch, cause it doesn't last long at all. After almost three months, can you blame it?

This photo shows that most thicker protective tires, there is some squaring off, that happens. Thats to be expected, however, really didn't notice until the final stages of life on this tire. Thickslicks, great for for city, great for skidding. I found a tire I really like.

Update: Forgot to put which kind I was running... oops.
The Elite
Urban Armor Casing, Wire Bead
700 x 25c

Kinfolk x Zozotown

Looking good, Playboy!

Kinfolk and ZozoTown, teamed up to make a rad Colab. Klye? Can we get some hats at the shop, or one on my head?

Nice find Prolly.