03 March, 2010

Hump-Day Hip hop Bitchslap...

Jay Electronica, Exhibit C..

East Bay Hills Mixed Terrain Rally Cat - Saturday 3.6.10 High Noon

ATTN: all my SF HEads!!! Get out to race THIS Saturday!! more info and map HERE

I-5 Colonnade

I'm just lurking on your blog lately, Ryan. This place is awesome, right underneath I-5. I had the pleasure to watch this being built from the ground up everyday on my commute back and forth from Cap. Hill to Eastlake (shoutout to Lousia's!!) and the finished product looks amazing... (I'm sure they're adding shit still) Hard to believe, this used to be overgrown, bum infested, more then a little dangerous at night, small bike path, that would cut you through Cap. Hill to eastlake to the UD. Great work, Seattle!!!

Thanks to Go Means Go!

-Sean Martin