07 October, 2011

Tour de Fat: Los Angeles

Beer, Bikes, Beer, Bikes, Beer, Friends, Bikes and Goodtimes. I had so much fun last year, and in years past in Seattle.
Tour de Fat is beer drinking, bike riding good time. So come out this Saturday! Beer!

Yes folks, the Tour de Fat will once again be meandering and pandering through 13 U.S. cities spreading the good word about the positive societal offerings of the bicycle. Along with our exceptional ability to roust a city’s inner-cyclist, in 2011 we hope to drive our message even deeper by bringing you the biggest, most enjoyable traveling bike festival that we know of.

Checkout the full days schedule of events here.

Ciclavia: October 2011

Ciclavia is this Sunday! Yay! Unfortunetly, I will be missing it. A few of us are doing this. You should come too, unless you want to support Ciclavia, which you should. Ciclavia rocks, and I will be sad not to run the streets with you guys, I hope next year it starts happening once a month if not more...

More info here.