04 May, 2010

BFF Trailer

Wow, looks good....

Via Go Means Go

Thanks Ryan!

The Tobruk

All I have heard lately, is how good chrome shoes are to ride in.... I really can't wait to get mine, it's been a long wait, but one that I think will be worth it! (a review will happen in few weeks, watch out for that) These look really good for slip-on, I used to rock the puma slip-ons from a few years ago and have always been on the look out for something to replace them with. Maybe these will be the pair that does it...

Get em here!

Shadow Welcomes Lahsaan Kobza

Shadow Welcomes Lahsaan Kobza from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.


Jesus, what an intro to a team....

For Joe... GTFO

Thanks to Simon the beast, for reminding of this video this morning....