01 June, 2010



Ok, so here it is. This is the first part in our two-part review of the Chrome shoes. I will first review the KURSK shoe and Sean will review the Midway.

Over a month ago and thanks to Chrome's free shoe give-away I received the Brown Kursk Shoes in the mail. I have worn these everyday since then. At first glance I was very happy with how well made and close to size they were, they seemed better constructed in stiffness and comfort then the traditional VANS I am used to riding in. After a month that stiffness and comfort hasn't swayed much at all. I'm pretty stoked.

2 Weeks after I received my shoes in Los Angeles, I moved to San Francisco and it was raining. I love riding in rain, just something about getting around the city manually in all conditions feels good but wet shoes does not. I am happy to say these stayed pretty dry. Mostly due in part to the fact that the tongue is stitched to the eyelets.


Unfortunately, they have started to come apart in a few places. Fortunately, they are all cosmetic and do not effect the integrity of the shoe. But nonetheless, they are coming apart. Two are the red band around the sole, and one the actual black rubber on the back of the sole. All are illustrated in the photos below (sh*tty iPhone photos). Also, The laces are just too damn long, and I think the metal aglets(piece at end of shoelace) while aesthetically pleasing, causes them to come undone even if double tied. I know of some people who just cut theirs.

All in all these are a great riding shoe. I would still purchase these after knowing the flaws. Hopefully they will address this before I need to grab another pair. ;)

If you haven't purchased them yet, do so HERE.

Leave us a comment and tell us what you think!

- Joseph Lobato

Bicycle Kitchen 5 year Anniversary Fundraising Campaign: Last Two weeks!

It's the last push of the Kitchen's Fundraising Campaign. Get on it.

Here's deets from the cooks themselves...

Dear Friends of the Bicycle Kitchen,

Less than two weeks left for our first ever fundraising campaign. If you haven't had a chance to make your contribution, don't delay! We're halfway to our goal. Help us get a little closer.

Thank you SO MUCH for all of your SUPPORT.

2010 marks five years since our move from the Los Angeles Eco-Village to our current spot on Heliotrope. Five years ago we had nothing more than two months rent and the fire in our bellies. We also had the enthusiastic support of cyclists like you! We are writing you today to ask you to support the Bicycle Kitchen again—this time by donating to our Five Year Anniversary Fundraising Campaign to raise $55,555.55!


Your support will help us keep our doors open during a financially difficult period. For many years we had considerable success maintaining our operation through donations of bicycles and parts, suggested donations for using our tools and space, and the efforts of our volunteer Cooks. Yet as our client capacity increases, our donations have recently taken a huge hit. While we are proud that we’ve put countless Angelenos on bicycles with no one turned away for lack of funds, the fact remains we are no longer meeting our monthly expenses and are quickly running through our savings. Our goal amount of $55,555.55—besides being a catchy number!—will help us cover our projected budget shortfall over the next two fiscal years and reestablish an emergency fund.

If the Bicycle Kitchen helped you build your first bicycle or fix your current ride, please consider making a donation today so we can continue to provide this space to you and other Angelenos.

ONLINE through PayPal at www.bicyclekitchen.com
MAIL a check made out to “Bicycle Kitchen” to 706 N Heliotrope Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90029
VISIT US during open hours and let us thank you in person!
Meet up with us at one of our Anniversary events and drop off your donation while having fun!

JUNE 12th Fundraising Deadline and Celebratory Bash!

Remember, anything you donate contributes to our mission “to promote the bicycle as a fun, safe and accessible form of transportation, to foster healthy urban communities, and to provide a welcoming space to learn about building, maintaining and riding bicycles.”

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you soon!

Ride on,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Cooks

PS. You can donate online at www.bicyclekitchen.com and find a link to our blog where you can track our progress, get more info about events and find out about raffles!

The Bicycle Kitchen is a 501(c)3 non-profit (TIN# 26-0454089). Your contribution is tax-deductible.

Last Two weeks. Support, Please!!!

I'll see you at the ender party June 12th, look for deets here on this blog.

-Sean Martin

World Cup 2010

10 DAYS!!!


-Sean Martin

Fyxation June Chrome-O


Here's the Deets...

The Fyxation June Chrome-O is a contest unlike any other. All you have to do to win our contest is convince us why you deserve to win our contest. What are the rules? There are no rules! Humor, wit and style will definitely be rewarded.
The two most deserving entries will win. That’s it! We’ll accept emails, pictures, videos, artwork, poetry, songs – whatever you can come up with! Prove to us why you should be winner of the Fyxation and Chrome booty. Make sure your entries are at least slightly bike related.

Each of the two winners will receive the following from Fyxation and Chrome:
- Chrome Tobruk Slip on Shoes – $70 retail (http://www.chromebagsstore.com)
- 2 Fyxation Dual Compound Session 700 Tires – $100 retail (http://www.fyxation.com)
- Shirts from Fyxation and Chrome – priceless

All you have to do is email your entries to info@fyxation.com. The contest will run from June 1st – 15th. Contest winners will be announced on June 16th on our blog, Facebook page, Twitter… and if the winning entries are safe enough for public viewing, we’ll put them on display.

Dope. Look for some of winning entries here on this blog.

Get more deets here.

-Sean Martin

Low End Theory podcast Episode 15: GLK, Lorn

Boom! Shake, Shake, Shake the Room.


-Sean Martin.

Clink Room "Chupacabra"

Nice edit. Want this hat.

Get it here.

-Sean Martin