01 June, 2010



Ok, so here it is. This is the first part in our two-part review of the Chrome shoes. I will first review the KURSK shoe and Sean will review the Midway.

Over a month ago and thanks to Chrome's free shoe give-away I received the Brown Kursk Shoes in the mail. I have worn these everyday since then. At first glance I was very happy with how well made and close to size they were, they seemed better constructed in stiffness and comfort then the traditional VANS I am used to riding in. After a month that stiffness and comfort hasn't swayed much at all. I'm pretty stoked.

2 Weeks after I received my shoes in Los Angeles, I moved to San Francisco and it was raining. I love riding in rain, just something about getting around the city manually in all conditions feels good but wet shoes does not. I am happy to say these stayed pretty dry. Mostly due in part to the fact that the tongue is stitched to the eyelets.


Unfortunately, they have started to come apart in a few places. Fortunately, they are all cosmetic and do not effect the integrity of the shoe. But nonetheless, they are coming apart. Two are the red band around the sole, and one the actual black rubber on the back of the sole. All are illustrated in the photos below (sh*tty iPhone photos). Also, The laces are just too damn long, and I think the metal aglets(piece at end of shoelace) while aesthetically pleasing, causes them to come undone even if double tied. I know of some people who just cut theirs.

All in all these are a great riding shoe. I would still purchase these after knowing the flaws. Hopefully they will address this before I need to grab another pair. ;)

If you haven't purchased them yet, do so HERE.

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- Joseph Lobato

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  1. These shoes are Meh. Not bad for free but the grippy stuff on the toe makes them impossible to get all the way in to the clips. These shoes are also pretty ugly and unnecessarily stiff. The rubber toe also chaffes the tops of my toes, really badly. The laces are long so you can tuck then in to the elastic, under the laces, that keeps them from flopping around. All I can think of, while wearing these, is how badly I miss my Nike's.